808s & Heartbreak cover


you have to respect kanye for the new direction hes going!! me personally im loving it. becuase he wants to be bigger and better than just a hip-hop artist!! not saying jay-z aint big or anything like that. he wants to appeal to a bigger adience and when u do that, thats when u know your a great artist. i dont think anyone can match kanye's creativity!!! no one out there is bold enough to take this direction!! kanye west is our generations michael jackson!!! i can honestly say that!! not DR. just speaking my mind.. i feel theres to many people out there who have a close minded ora about themselves that if its not hip-hop they dont listen to it. its retarted if it sounds good who cares what genre it is!! it makes no sense!!!
to many people out there who dont respect that the artist is doing something straight up artistic and creative, not the whole radio cookie cutter stuff.

**have a standard for your artist, respect creativity and artistic expression, and always keep your minds open!!**

peace out world