What inspires people?? it all depends on who you are!! The Stuff that inspires me is what makes me who I am. When I listen to music, when I see art, when I see a person's life and how they got to were they are, The Journey to success. When I see art it makes me thing of everything from my sister and how F'in talented she is and how much I love her work and how I'm always gonna be her biggest supporter. To the type of life I can life around beautiful art Galleries in NY and Paris. To something as simple as the Brush strokes of the painting. Life is filled with inspiration, I'm just trying to soak it all in, Lately I've been watching Video's of Ryan Leslie make beautiful beats and I saw one were he was getting into a BAD ASS Mercedes Benz jeep? in NY and I was just thinking to my self how bad ass it would be to live out there and live my life and just do what I love, the only problem is I don't know what that is. Im constantly changing what I think and how I see things from books I've read to music i listen to. I've changed a lot just keeping in on the stage of music. Before when i was younger I would make fun of my sister's music. I would make jokes of how the song went, the whole 9..put it this way enough to call me a Douche Bag. lol But the thing was that I actually liked all the songs she played, well most of them. So I would make fun of music I actually liked, I think it was because I was Introduced into music by NaS(not literally cuz when I was younger I herd a lot of Jazz with my dad when he would drive my sister and I to school, but I got into like herd it on my Walkman, pre ipod days) SO I guess I thought I couldnt like it, which is pretty whack if you ask me. So no I'm more open to music cuz I actually liked so what the hell was I doing? makes no sense. I contribute a lot of me being open and just listening to music I like or like art I think it dope to my sister and just experiences of live. Even performances, like a performance I saw with my best friend that one LA night in the DARK!! =] life changing experiences like that keep you open to the World of Creativity for ever, Thanks KanYe. You see it doesn't matter how long it takes ya to have an open mind. It took me 17 years how long will it take you???

keep your minds open and your eyes open for inspiration



Photoshop ART!!

what ya think?? I was doing Alterations on pictures i already had but i changed things up!!! it was inspired by the welcome to heartbreak music video!! I loved how dope it looked!! so i tried to do a few like that!!
I think im getting better @ photoshop! still need some work but u gotta start some were!!

keep your minds open!!!



Quote of the Day!!

"industry rule number 4080, record company people are shaaaaady" -ATCQ

you know whats up
keep your minds open!!!


Random Pictures I did on Photoshop

I was bored and i was messing around on Photoshop and this is a few i did!!!

stay up and stay random baby!!
keep your minds open!!!



Im back!!!

OK for the very few people who actually Read my Blog( good looking out Melissa)Ive been M.I.A cuz my computer got a virus and it took awhile for me to fix it!! thanks to Mcafee lol my computer works perfectly again.. I was scared for a moment because I thought I lost all my information but thank God I was able to get all the info back no problem!!
on a Random note the weather out here in California(I'm not gonna go the quintessential thing and type CALI on this on) lmao like I was saying its weird because one day its all gloomy and like 70 then its like 60 one min. then like 80 the next!! maybe its just were im living cuz im close to a Mountain?? idk if thats it but its def. on the weird side, okay enough randomness for the night PEEEEEAAACE!!

songs im feeling/listening @ the moment, some new some not!!

  • Provider- N*E*R*D
  • Bobby James- N*E*R*D
  • Pacific division- Pac Div
  • Boplicity- Miles Davis
  • Lazy Bird- John Coltrane
  • Cool , Relax- Kidz in the Hall feat. Jay Electronica
  • Loser Mind- XV
  • Beautiful Day remx- U-N-I
  • I still Remember-Wiz Khalifa (REP PIT 412 baby) aka Sixburgh
  • Morning wood- 88-KEYS
  • Spilt Needles- The Shins

and LAST but not LEAST I give you

  • Gibberish-RYAN LESLIE!!! this song is amazing!! the beat is crazy

keep your minds open!!! Its the key to change!!!



KiD CuDi :look up in da stars feat. WALE

and the takeover begins!!

keep your minds open!!



KANYE & CUDI Freestyle on 106 & park

is 106 & park even filmed on 106 & park? i herd it want idk just wondering... sick freestyle by both!!!
yeerrp(lmao insert Consequence voice right here)
I love how Kid Cudi's mocking Soulja Douche lol

keep your minds open!!!


KiD CuDi "Day N Nite"

yeeee get em Cudi!!!
G.O.O.D music baby!!

keep your minds open!!!



KiD CuDi doing a shoot w/ Complex @ D & B

keep your minds open!!!



LRG's 10th Anniversary Photo Shoot

looks like LRG is gonna have another great season, good shit....This is one of my Fav. Brands they always have sick concepts and dope colors!! I love there clothes!!

keep your minds open!!!


???? what going on man!!!

what the hell does this mean!!?
Its done this a few times when I try to go onto KiD CuDi's blog
idk why though!! maybe its being fixed again idk pretty weird!!
it should be on of these instead , at least it would be funny and straight to the point, like come back later you douche its being fixed

keep your minds open and your doucheness to a minimum lol


........!!!!!!! enough said

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

"This is not the next single, "Amazing" is the next single.

This is the video we've been working on for the last month.

We know there is another video out there using the same technique so we were forced to drop it now."
via KanYe's Blog

woow this is amazing!!! very creative im loving it. kid cudi getting big!!
stay up

keep your minds open!!!
no no no no noooo!!![in auto-tune]



ITs The REAL presents The Food Fighters

ItsTheReal Presents The Food Fighters from jeff on Vimeo.

lmao niiiice!! lol

keep your minds open!!!




its mighty Mos Def yall!!!
keep your minds open...



NBA All Star Game 09

The game was pretty cool!! i enjoyed watching it!!! it was dope seeing Kobe and Shaq on the court together again.. like shaq said "we could of easily won 10 or 9 championships together" "the best little man big man punch" lmao thats whats up!!

congrats on the co-MVP Kobe and Shaq the legends in the GAME!! (did u hear Superstar in the background when they were awarded the MVP)
keep your minds open!!!
stay up LA


BUGGIN OUT 09!!! Yer Dig

Consequence & Kid Cudi - "Buggin Out 09" Promo from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.

cudder is soundin fresh on this one, check out J. Periods tribute to Q-Tip mixtape

right here <<<<

keep your minds open!!!



damn this dunk was raw!!! I was in shock when i saw the dunk live(as in my living room), I had my fist to my mouth and everything, knee's bent in the air as I was sitting.. lol I went all out on this one.
I dont care what anyone says He deserved to win that slam dunk competition hands down!! yea Howard dunked on a 12ft. rim. which was dope to, but nate jumped over Howard.. I think it hurt him that it looked to easy for him.. I think he could do 13ft or 14ft cuz @ 12 it looked tooo easy for HIM!! congrats Nate u won and jumped over superman, kryptonite finally prevailed lol..SEE that's why Batman's better he would never turn his back to the competition lmao

keep your minds open!!



Weeeelllll isn't this awkward!!


Stay up Charles Hamilton keep it up!!!
nevermind is my shit!!

keep your minds open!!!



whooooaa !!! this looks sexy!!!

wow i must say this SK09 looks really nice (i didn't mean it LX , i still love you.......for now) lol
I've had a SK for a while now maybe for like 4 years or 5? something around that number. i started off w/ the sidekick 2, then the LX i missed the 3 ...I was going threw some hard time ya dig. lol
I really like the look of this, it looks very business like. With the other sidekick it always seemed as gadget only the youth of America would have...most adults stayed w/ there blackberries. I can see adults txting on this, if they can figure out how it works... lol u know how adults are they just don't wanna change with the times. Until some huge "evil Robot who's eating oatmeal" (thanks for that one LUPE) comes after us and forces us to learn how to use the technology we have today.. lol good thing I'm good with technology.. I don't wanna get smashed by some cool big ass RObots. .. like how I threw robots in the mix for no reason... what up LUPE I love robots to. lol
all in all this SK looks dope and I'll be looking forward to blogging on it in the future..
keep your minds open!!!


POETRY PART I :If I Fail, By Tupac Shakur

if in my quest 2 achieve my goals
I stumble or Crumble and lose my soul
those that knew me would easily co-sign
there was never a life as hard as mine
no father-no money-no chance and no guide
I only follow my voice inside
if it guides me wrong and i dont win
I'll learn from mistakes and try 2 achieve again

It's something new i thought of doing on my blog.. i was reading "The Rose that grew From Concrete" and i thought id share some of my fav. ones ... hope u like em, to who ever's reading

keep your minds open!!!



Takashi Murakami Exhibition at Gagosian London

Takashi Murakami’s latest work at the Gagosian’s smaller London gallery on Davies Street.
" Mr. Murakami himself in attendance talking with everyone, signing and doodling whatever was presented to him including body parts and AM’s sketchbook..."

Keep your minds open!!!


J.Period & Q-Tip - The [Abstract] Best, Vol. 1

Thanks OkPlayer.com for the link and pics

>>>DL J.Period & Q-Tip - The [Abstract] Best, Vol.1

Keep your minds open!!



Nike Hyperdunk Kobe Hybrid Away Colorway

PICS via NickKicks.com

THESE ARE SICK!!!!!!!! I wanna get these
keep your minds open!



The Cool vs. The Carter III / Random

After seeing the Grammies and watching my favorite artist Lupe lose on many accounts to Lil Wayne, it got me upset. Not because I hate Lil Wayne and he sucks, I actually like his music, it just doesn't compare to the concepts and lyrical content that Lupe Fiasco Blesses us all with. Well for those who actually listen. Lil Wayne has "swagger" and he's a very hot ticket today he's doing the whole Jay-Z think not writing anything down, and then you have Lupe Fiasco, an artist who says himself that he doesn't think he's very good but is delivering music that has a message and has very interesting concepts and presents himself in a way that depicts Hip-Hop in the correct light. Yea I don't know Wayne and he might be more that what he shows the world but when I see all the people who like his music i just see people who like him because he's popular right now. I respect Lupe because when i see him i don't see the radio popularity tag on him. I see an artist who knows how to make great music. I know this is a very biast article but hey its on my Blog. "Coolest nigga Dumb it down" Lets just say u seek what u want to listen to. and when u know what u like @ least you'll have people backing you for the reason because they respect your music and is similar to other music they like!! so Lupe might not be popular but his fans know whats good, not popular. that's how i feel on the subject!! It seems like people don't say what they feel, like u have to say Wayne when u talk about hip-hop.
IDK I'm done

The Cool - if u wanna hear a great creative album/ with great lyricism and concepts
The Carter III- good over all album, didn't live up to the hype for me!! people made it seem like it was Illmatic/black star/all eyes on me/ ready to die/ midnight marauders/ etc. i liked it but wasn't my favorite CD of the year.

i love music that tell stories, have a message, and have great Lyrics. yea i might like some ignorant shit from time to time, but that's not the staple of my musical Background. To many people today are close minded and aren't deep with the music they listen to. I know people have there own opinion's on whats good but isn't there more music to explore than just music that makes you dance? shouldn't you seek music that inspires you? takes you to another planet? invites to to there life and get to listen to whats in there world? idk I see music as such a powerful medium and it seems like everyone wants to stay on the water paint. Don't u know there's other mediums of art look em up, enjoy it. Dont stay on one emotion life is full of different feelings how can u only listen to music thats about one thing, money, hoes, parties, etc. you cant be happy all the time. i know i wouldnt be able to eat rice all the time. its gets old, the same withe all the songs about the same thing..

keep your minds open!!! remember thats how i feel.. stay up



Swagger like us 2009 Grammy's/ other fav. performances!!

HOOOOOVAA!!! Epic performance even wayne did good lol jp =]

keep your minds open!!!
peace!! "no one in the corner has swagger like us'


FNF UP!!!!!

stay up bro!!! we all knew u deserved @ least one grammy but F it.. it sucks that people don't wanna hear a message anymore!!! i still dont know how a song about sucking **** can win over superstar!! and @ the Grammy's? well the grammy's been messing up first w/ that Hancock album beating Kanye, lol like really no one herd that album...then that weird dude from Led Zeppelin won over coldplay?? I think the importance and prestige of winning a grammy is being demolished by the 1000 diff categories the BS Win's by artist who are irrelevant in music today but they get the Grammy just because of there age, or if they never won one.. Its not like a toy u share in kinder garden everyone gets a turn. You have to earn it... but i guess now u can just look for sale/ be old/ make a song that has no substance/ bribe em? who knows a lot of BS stuff happens kinda annoying but ill move on and listen to the best album of the year the real winner cold play...in my eyes The Cool won. But its Lupe don't give him any credit...
stay up!!!

keep your minds open!!



LAKERS 110 boston 109 ....FTW!!!!

Faking ass fag's...

Keep your minds open!!!


Yo Neighbor!!!!

shut yo shit off!!! damn here i am trying to chill in my room and listen to my music but i got my next door neighbor who is bumpin her wack music for the world to listen to, calm down ma no one wants to listen to that garbage... smh who am i to talk i do the same thing lol.. but her speakers are better so mine dont penetrate peoples walls like a ghost from ghostbuster's .. smh damn bose speakers!!
it's like a speaker battle that im terribling losing @!! its 4:19 and she finally stopped she started @ like 9 lol well ima continue being Random

keep your minds open, and your speakers loud




keep your minds open!!!



SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!! #6 baby!!!

wooow what a game, one of the best superbowls ever...
congrats Rooney family...
Great teams are always hated on, yankees, steelers, lakers, etc.

keep your minds open!!! you played like champs last night.


making of "gibberish"


keep your minds open!!!