whooooaa !!! this looks sexy!!!

wow i must say this SK09 looks really nice (i didn't mean it LX , i still love you.......for now) lol
I've had a SK for a while now maybe for like 4 years or 5? something around that number. i started off w/ the sidekick 2, then the LX i missed the 3 ...I was going threw some hard time ya dig. lol
I really like the look of this, it looks very business like. With the other sidekick it always seemed as gadget only the youth of America would have...most adults stayed w/ there blackberries. I can see adults txting on this, if they can figure out how it works... lol u know how adults are they just don't wanna change with the times. Until some huge "evil Robot who's eating oatmeal" (thanks for that one LUPE) comes after us and forces us to learn how to use the technology we have today.. lol good thing I'm good with technology.. I don't wanna get smashed by some cool big ass RObots. .. like how I threw robots in the mix for no reason... what up LUPE I love robots to. lol
all in all this SK looks dope and I'll be looking forward to blogging on it in the future..
keep your minds open!!!