FNF UP!!!!!

stay up bro!!! we all knew u deserved @ least one grammy but F it.. it sucks that people don't wanna hear a message anymore!!! i still dont know how a song about sucking **** can win over superstar!! and @ the Grammy's? well the grammy's been messing up first w/ that Hancock album beating Kanye, lol like really no one herd that album...then that weird dude from Led Zeppelin won over coldplay?? I think the importance and prestige of winning a grammy is being demolished by the 1000 diff categories the BS Win's by artist who are irrelevant in music today but they get the Grammy just because of there age, or if they never won one.. Its not like a toy u share in kinder garden everyone gets a turn. You have to earn it... but i guess now u can just look for sale/ be old/ make a song that has no substance/ bribe em? who knows a lot of BS stuff happens kinda annoying but ill move on and listen to the best album of the year the real winner cold play...in my eyes The Cool won. But its Lupe don't give him any credit...
stay up!!!

keep your minds open!!