What inspires people?? it all depends on who you are!! The Stuff that inspires me is what makes me who I am. When I listen to music, when I see art, when I see a person's life and how they got to were they are, The Journey to success. When I see art it makes me thing of everything from my sister and how F'in talented she is and how much I love her work and how I'm always gonna be her biggest supporter. To the type of life I can life around beautiful art Galleries in NY and Paris. To something as simple as the Brush strokes of the painting. Life is filled with inspiration, I'm just trying to soak it all in, Lately I've been watching Video's of Ryan Leslie make beautiful beats and I saw one were he was getting into a BAD ASS Mercedes Benz jeep? in NY and I was just thinking to my self how bad ass it would be to live out there and live my life and just do what I love, the only problem is I don't know what that is. Im constantly changing what I think and how I see things from books I've read to music i listen to. I've changed a lot just keeping in on the stage of music. Before when i was younger I would make fun of my sister's music. I would make jokes of how the song went, the whole 9..put it this way enough to call me a Douche Bag. lol But the thing was that I actually liked all the songs she played, well most of them. So I would make fun of music I actually liked, I think it was because I was Introduced into music by NaS(not literally cuz when I was younger I herd a lot of Jazz with my dad when he would drive my sister and I to school, but I got into like herd it on my Walkman, pre ipod days) SO I guess I thought I couldnt like it, which is pretty whack if you ask me. So no I'm more open to music cuz I actually liked so what the hell was I doing? makes no sense. I contribute a lot of me being open and just listening to music I like or like art I think it dope to my sister and just experiences of live. Even performances, like a performance I saw with my best friend that one LA night in the DARK!! =] life changing experiences like that keep you open to the World of Creativity for ever, Thanks KanYe. You see it doesn't matter how long it takes ya to have an open mind. It took me 17 years how long will it take you???

keep your minds open and your eyes open for inspiration