Cover Story w/ Complex: KOBE

He’s been balling for a dirty dozen, and what does he have? Three rings and one abiding passion: to win. Kobe sits down with Complex founder Marc Ecko to discuss legacy, image and who can do more push-ups.

Story By Marc Ecko
Photography by Robyn Twomey
Styling by Kelly McCabe

Like a lot of NBA fans, I went through the cynical thing with Kobe. The hate bandwagon was easy: Mr. Popular. Mr. Best-Dressed. Everything too good to be true. The best thing since Jordan. But after all the obstacles he’s faced—the media, the scandal, beef with his team (and ex-teammates)—you start to take inventory, and he’s fucking undeniable. He fell down, got some blood in his mouth, and he got up, no different from anyone else who loves his job. I’ve come to like and respect him immensely, and I attribute that all to what he’s given us on the court.

He’s become authentically who he is: that guy who just wants to win. He’s one of the finest and most mature players on the court, and one of the most disciplined athletes in the world. You just gotta give it up to him. He is the league. Greatness is measured in backing up your promise, and that’s exactly what he does. He’s a throwback to that generation that died with Jordan. And he’s living up to that more than any other player right now. There’s a purity there. Even as he enters the second half of his career, he’s still what’s next.


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LUPE is the MAN

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FnF up, Peace



Posted by Lupe Fiasco on January 30, 2009 at 8:27am

Due to circumstances beyond my control...the album roll out has changed radically...LUPE.N.D. has been postponed indefinitely!!!

As a matter of fact consider it cancelled until further notice!!!

Sorry Guys & Gals!!!!...the rumor mill and bitch ass cowards are going to have a field day with this one!!!...I'll just keep quiet about the actual reasoning so everybody can put their very special two cents in...

OK..so what now???

Actually an album is still coming in June...Thats Right!!!...Drum Roll Please...


Yeah thats the new title...

want the tracklist?


1. Song #1
2. Song #2
3. Song #3
4. Song #4
5. Song #5
6. Song #6
7. Song #7
8. Song #8
9. Song #9
10. Song #10
11. The Greatest Rap Song Ever Made

No B.S.

See ya'll in June and again in December and again next June...

LupE.N.D. right after that...when the liberation comes!!!...

also JAPANESE CARTOON "IN THE JAWS OF THE LORDS OF DEATH" drops the same day as "THE GREAT AMERICAN RAP ALBUM"...Matthew Santos this spring...oh yeah...FNF UP!!!

I hate the music business...but I love music...Grammy's Here We Come!!!

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peace FNF UP!!!



KANYE x LV shoes

i can only imagine the price but there pretty sick!!! well done ye, keep doing you!!
the first pic lookin all proud of your shoes, thats whats up

Pics Via: KanYe's Blog

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Grey Lanvin Hi Top Sneaker

these are hot!!!

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THis is dope!!! its mad original...i saw this on KanYe's blog i had to post this!! and i loved the sound from that KID CuDI one

I Know What You Like! from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

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LeBron Statefarm commercial!

lol this is a pretty cool commercial...he is like a football player playing basketball

saw this while my Steelers won the AFC championship!!!
Pittsburgh's going to the Superbowl!!!! lol

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Ryan Leslie x Kid Cudi @ studio

Ryan Leslie x Kid Cudi @ studio from Vernonmac on Vimeo.

....enough said!!!

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KOBE Ankle Insurance Agent LoL!!!

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What im Listening 2!

Beats, Rhymes and Life

Fav tracks from the album

  • Phony Rappers
  • get a hold
  • crew
  • The Pressure
  • mind power
  • The hop
  • word play

The Low End Theory

fav tracks off the album

  • buggin out
  • butter
  • the infamous date rape
  • jazz
  • skypager
  • scenario

Midnight Marauders

fav tracks off the album

  • award tour
  • 8 millions stories
  • sucka nigga
  • we can get down
  • electric relaxation
  • clap yor hands
  • oh my god
  • keep it rollin
  • God lives through

Yea ive been bumping out to this the whole weekend and the beggining of the week.

i love these albums.....check em out if u havent

keep your minds open!! stay fresh

peace ..

*bumping head to Buggin' out*




im excited that my steelers won yesturday!!! pretty excited lol
that entry was quick....
sidebar its crazy how the weather is in Cali its like it was barely cold during christmas now its back to a almost 80.. smh there goes benies and scarves... i guess i can always wait till next year for the whole week of cold. lol id like a happy medium.
well im think im done so peace out
remember keep your minds open and stay fresh!!



UTAH #2??

lmao u serious i know they went undefeated but are u serious?? what ever i guess everyone has an opinion but really #2? smh thats funny to me
still dont think they can keep up w/ the best teams in the nation like Texas, USC, and sigh.........Florida smh .....
they beat alabama but how good were they anyways? they havent beat anyone who's good cuz lets remember LSU gave up like 50 points 3 times and almost lost to tulan or one of those horrible non conference game. whatever its over



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lol =][= *shrugs just a thought*
peace out everybody



Nike Dunk High Safari Grey Black Electric Blue

These sick dunks have a Grey Safari print trim around to the toebox and at the heel. The rest of the sneaker is done in Black nubuck in the toebox and Black canvas in the midpanel and ankle. Electric Blue for the laces, tongue tab, and upper heel with a Grey midsole and my altime favorite clear sole. more pics after the jump.

via Kix and the City

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Coraline Nike Dunk High/ I got my shoes !!

Coraline is a horror novella by British author Neil Gaiman that was published in

According to Neil Gaiman, Nike created the Coraline Dunks to help hype promote the upcoming film. Keep in mind the Coraline Dunks will be limited to 1,000 pairs and you can win a pair by watching the film and through the website. Stay tuned for more details on how to win a pair of the Coraline Dunk Hi’s. Check out the Coraline trailer after the jump… via Hypebeast

these are raw!!!! i'd def. cop these, i wonder were u can get em?

oh btw i finally got my shoes smh took a while damn tards

here they are.

keep your minds open!!!
i get the other ones in the mail on sat. ill put a pic up when i get em.




aite so i went to the mall yesturday right i went lookin for some hightop dunks i found 2 of them i was gonna get but they didnt have my size so i was kinda pissed but i kept moving on and saw one of em @ another store and again didnt have my size so i was like wtf man shit it going good on this Dunk Journey but then the dude said he was gonna call and see if they can have it shipped to the store the next day and he ended saying it was gonna be here tomarrow so i was like aite that sounds cool, so i paid for them and gave him my number said he would give me a call so i was like aite man sounds cool. so i still wanted to get the other ones so i decided to just check the nike store and i saw them so i was like sounds good ill order these and thanks to a little deal i made w/ my pops i got em cheaper so these are gonna come somewere between 2-9 days. i was looking forward to getting the ones from the store today but he called and said they didnt come cuz they forgot to ship it or whatever and they gonna be @ the store in the morning and that fucked up alot cuz i was gonna wear em to the movies but now i cant, i would be as mad if my ecperience looking for these dunks @ the mall went a lil better every store i went into i saw dunks i liked asked for my size didnt have it no Size 13. then i asked for 13.5?, 12.5? nothing SMH and then they didnt even come ..........lol all u can do is laugh im not gonna Punch a wall over it anyways i got 2 pair of dunks on the way ill put a pic up
bumpin:we dont care-AKON

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They say HES a radical

"i knew a fat girl who broke the scaaale.. had a dreams of breaking mike vick out of jaiil, took an underground rail to the NFL.." common

first post of the 09 year is of commons dope song Gladiator that song hits hard.
so the year started off pretty well USC won the Rose Bowl, got 2 pairs of dunks, um im alive to see another year!!! so far so good
yeee dig!! lol
damn i love music

keep your minds open!!!
enjoy the reat of yo holiday break!!