aite so i went to the mall yesturday right i went lookin for some hightop dunks i found 2 of them i was gonna get but they didnt have my size so i was kinda pissed but i kept moving on and saw one of em @ another store and again didnt have my size so i was like wtf man shit it going good on this Dunk Journey but then the dude said he was gonna call and see if they can have it shipped to the store the next day and he ended saying it was gonna be here tomarrow so i was like aite that sounds cool, so i paid for them and gave him my number said he would give me a call so i was like aite man sounds cool. so i still wanted to get the other ones so i decided to just check the nike store and i saw them so i was like sounds good ill order these and thanks to a little deal i made w/ my pops i got em cheaper so these are gonna come somewere between 2-9 days. i was looking forward to getting the ones from the store today but he called and said they didnt come cuz they forgot to ship it or whatever and they gonna be @ the store in the morning and that fucked up alot cuz i was gonna wear em to the movies but now i cant, i would be as mad if my ecperience looking for these dunks @ the mall went a lil better every store i went into i saw dunks i liked asked for my size didnt have it no Size 13. then i asked for 13.5?, 12.5? nothing SMH and then they didnt even come ..........lol all u can do is laugh im not gonna Punch a wall over it anyways i got 2 pair of dunks on the way ill put a pic up
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