What im Listening 2!

Beats, Rhymes and Life

Fav tracks from the album

  • Phony Rappers
  • get a hold
  • crew
  • The Pressure
  • mind power
  • The hop
  • word play

The Low End Theory

fav tracks off the album

  • buggin out
  • butter
  • the infamous date rape
  • jazz
  • skypager
  • scenario

Midnight Marauders

fav tracks off the album

  • award tour
  • 8 millions stories
  • sucka nigga
  • we can get down
  • electric relaxation
  • clap yor hands
  • oh my god
  • keep it rollin
  • God lives through

Yea ive been bumping out to this the whole weekend and the beggining of the week.

i love these albums.....check em out if u havent

keep your minds open!! stay fresh

peace ..

*bumping head to Buggin' out*