MY road to a GREAT holiday.

For me a Great Holiday experience I need my family, first of all. Then you need a relaxed atmosphere. No one wants to be all stuffy and uncomfortable. My family is great because we crack jokes and just have a good time. I love when my family gets together and just acts Cuban and tell stories and all talk at the same time. But in a weird strange way we know what we talking about. Yea stress comes a long with family and the holidays, but the memories make it all worthwhile. My holiday was great, and yes it was filled with stress and headaches. And that's not even talking about the great Food. Like Yucca, Lechon, Black beans and Rice, maduros, and my sisters wonderful baked goods who can make Martha Stuart look like a scrub. Pull all niter's, drink dark coffee, talk all night, and have a million side conversations. That's all my favorite parts from my families Holidays. I know it's a little late. But for me we still in Christmas mode until January 6. Reyes magos. My parents celebrated Los Reyes Magos like us americans celebrate Christmas. Til next time, peace.

P.S. Converse All-stars kick ass. and so does my boy Mendenhall. Go Steelers.

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You already know, Maestro Knows!

The one's I missed

goodnight, enjoy.

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Reflection internal

To the Few who do read the lame attempts that I call blog entry's I apologize for not writing as much as I used to. I've been intoxicated with my new PS3. A lot of all niter's playing madden online.I definitely Need to get a few more games so that when I'm getting murked I have another game to play so I don't lose my sanity.

With that out the way, lets move one real quick. I've been thinking what was the purpose of my blog? like is there something I'm trying to express to the casual reader passing by the blogosphere. I knew the stuff I was writing wasn't what I was trying to express or say, but to be honest a year ago I really didn't know. I still don't, but I thought it was cool and wanted to try it out. I really enjoy making a headers each time I upgrade it its up another level. I think is it to show my little hobbies like me messing around on photoshop and illustrator? or might it be the things I think of when I'm alone to plan and dissect words from a song or from a "friend" lol. I'm not really sure to be honest. I'm just making a mental note to make my post full of something honorable and full of something meaningful, at least to myself.

I might write a little series of my thought's as a young man growing up trying to find his way in this huge world we call home. And the troubles of having dirty sneakers lol. I like the sound of that.. yea that sounds like a plan. More info to come. Off to the trusty sidekick note's section and write stuff down for future post!

one love...
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Photo of the Day


good work man...13thWonder

This dude makes me wanna just grab a camera and start taking pictures. I might have to barrow some of my dads old camera's...

getting inspired comes at any moment..stay up.

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Nothing like listening to LUPE's new Mixtape b4 bed.


Enemy of the State: A love Story- Emperor LU

P.S. Lupe killed the Fireman Beat. =]

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Maestro Knows NYC

PS. Gonna do a PS3 post later. [RANDOM]

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Chuck Taylor All Star Outsider Boot

I'll take a pair. Size 13 please.... dope boots.

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Pulp Fiction U-N-I

This video has been circulating youtube and the blogs for a while, but I really liked the video. Just saw it a little while ago...Enjoy

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Suck it Teens

Turned 20 today. Out of the teens, going on to bigger things. P.F. Chang's for my birthday, Great food. BANG!!! All in all good day. PEACE out
Small and to the point.

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Ticket for one, Tokyo Japan

So ever since I herd Gold Watch by Lupe. I've wanted a Head Porter wallet. Not just for the reason that Lupe thinks there cool, but because I do. I'm looking for a new wallet tired of the one I have its old and all beat up. I was listening to Gold Watch and I searched Head Porter wallet because it sounded cool. I loved the stuff they had, looked real nice.

So here am I thinking, I could find a store in LA since its one of the biggest cities in the US and usually have a lot of the brands. But I search and no there isn't a Head Porter in LA, but Indianapolis and Utah have one. Not trying to bash on them but those places over LA? That was upsetting but when I go to the website and find there isn't the wallet I liked when I checked again later.

So If I want to get the wallet, I would need to get go to Japan. I don't even have a passport. I guess I need to get on that If I want that wallet but I gotta spend money to get a wallet to hold my money, and that's not even counting the price of the wallet. It bugs me that It needs to be that difficult to buy a wallet. I know the Brand is based out of Japan, but come on, expand a bit will ya. This makes me sad.

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So I guess my Facebook is a gateway to my parents. I have all these random people hitting me up asking about my parents. Your 40+ why the hell do you have a facebook? Don't you have a family? I don't even use facebook on the daily and I'm 19 but all these people find a need to hit me up. Damn this shit is annoying. If your not talking to people you went to high school with why do you think they wanna talk to you know? It's been 20 years.... I'm gonna say no I'm not related just have the same fuckin name! smh woooooo saaaa.

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Today isn't just a day off of school. Today we get to honor and say thanks to all the people in our country who fought or is fighting for our Freedom. They fight so people could bitch about the war or the president. All the Berkley kids should be thanking our service men more than anyone, =]. Just wanna say thanks for keeping us safe and the war zone away from home!! GOD BLESS!!

P.s. Play call of duty 2 came out in a perfect time.

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LUPE!!!!! when is LASERS coming out? I need to hear ARMY GIRL. It just sounds to epic.
smh...Lupe is just to great. With every Listen he's knocking off people out my fav. Rappers list.Was listening to it and was to excited for it. Just writing it so the people who aren't aware of LUPE's greatness can get aware. P.s. wth is going on with this Cali weather. It's like we didn't get the memo that its winter and suppose to be cold, not 80+.
I just realized that I write in the most un formal matter. periods were ever no structure. I'm fuckin up. off to work on the future.

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we'll done video, I think its for a game. not 100% sure, just know it looks cool.
Ninjas are one the best things in the world!! they have cool outfits and can whoop anybody. "keep a wii ninja hanging.." Emperor LU

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ARI GOLD "I always dreamed about ruling the world, but now that I'm getting older I'll settle for Hollywood."

enough said!!! Watched Entourage this morning. The shows awesome!!
P.s. ONLINE tough guys are tools. and entertaining.

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Joey Porter is the MAN!!!

"It just goes back, back when I was in Pittsburgh, just never really too much cared for New England, and I really still don't care for New England. And the hate's been there for a while, especially after all the cheating they did back in the day. I cannot honestly say that I agreed with it, but it happened, and it's over with now. So the hate comes from way back then.

"They can sweep it under the rug if they want to, but just like anybody else that do something (and are) caught by cheating, you put an asterisk by it."

I love it. Just because the Media and everyone want's to forget they cheated to get there 3 championships Doesn't mean the Players Forget!!! The steelers won 2 with out cheating. They need an * on everything they did. but It's the beloved Tom Brady so they just look past it. I love that Joey is speaking the truth.

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Maestro Knows NYC edition (Nigel Sylvester)

I gotta move there no joke, don't get me wrong I LOVE LA, that's blood. But I would love to live and go to school out there. Cross them fingers and enjoy the Vid. Maestro doing it Big once again, like always. I know I'm late but this isto sick. Back on the find Grind. lol until later stay up.

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Thoughts in Silence

For reasons unknown There's this feeling I get when I can't fall asleep, like when I'm an owl on a tree scoping out the night in a ninja like matter(lol) that I think "why are humans on earth?" What is the purpose of our life's? Like in all seriousness that's something I've been longing to know since I was 11. Its just weird when I'm all alone in my mind I think why are we here. I'm not really thinking of it as a Religion based Question, but what is our purpose besides "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground." Is there anything else?(shrugs)I need to read to find this one out. just something I think of a lot when I'm super bored or can't sleep. I guess you just gotta keep living your life until bam it hits you, doubt it will but its all good. Off to ponder about some more random topics..Random is infectious. have a Peaceful day.
Listening to the man JOHN LEGEND!!! Give me his voice for a day.

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I Love to sleep right. It's my way of not being productive in a relaxing matter and I enjoy it, that and being a smart ass and being argumentative. I might seem like a jerk at times to the untrained eye, but its part of who I am. lol Anyways(nacho libre voice) When I'm "sleeping in" it usually doesn't last long because my inner boss kicks me in the balls and tells me to be productive. He's @ work all day, its a daily struggle to keep my drive on full throttle. My Job These days is to stay sain and find I wanna do for the rest of my life. Try keeping friends close even thought times passing like a Taxi in NY. I guess my attitude towards that is if there real friends we will stay friends if not, life goes on. Every day I'm searching my brain for the filing cabinet titled "Future". Until that time comes I'll be trying to make my own. To the people who read my cool blog that no one follows(lol) I'm back from my hiatus, I'm back on the grid. PEACE!!!

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Bluprints of a MAN

There's not a day that goes by that your absence isn't felt. there isn't a day I don't think of you. when I open up the refrigerator and see the Jam, We always think of the spoon next. When I think of baseball Your who I think of. There's not a day I see rubber band and don't think of you. Violets were my doorway to your soul. It hurts that I don't remember you voice.

You were the blueprint of what a man should be. Loving, A father, Respected, wise, and strict all in the same time. I will never forget this blueprint, my father has a carbon copy with him. You were like his second father. I know your up there with the Father talking baseball and making jokes. If I am half the man you were I will be truly blessed. Say hi To my Grandpa for me, I would of loved to had a relationship with him. Like I had with you. R.I.P.

Gracias para todo el amor que tu me dio. Te quierro mucho abuelito.

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"Everybodys Nobody" XV

Down loading as I post!!!!

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Your mind is GREEEAT!

Some people just forget to use it!!! Read something, Learn, Log off twitter. lol
I honestly pulled that one out my ass lol. Guess that happens when all you've had in the past 10 hrs is music!!!referring to drink, sleep, food, etc. Not tired really. Just waiting for XV to drop everybody's nobody. I've waited like a month whats another hour or 2 or 3? no biggie. Been on Klive more. Haven't been on for a while. Great for info, and Filled with some cool people, weather there cool online or lame in real life!! NO One will know but I got faith Ye fans aren't a bunch of tools so I rescind that statement!!!
Damn I need coffee. I'm not a big coffee fan but It would def help. I love bustelo coffee. The strong coffee of the Cuban's and Puerto Rican's !! LOVE YA GRANDPA RIP. =[ also like that ice cold coffee. Starbucks FTW!

Listening to I can't Help it-The Roots
F_ckin love this song.

"I never said I'm ready to die, but I accept it
Never said I'm ready for war, but I'm protected
I don't even know when it's comin', but I expect it
Lost all semblance of hope, so now I'm left with
Nervous conditions, addictions, in addition
to vixens that mixed in with the wrong crowd
My life is on a flight that's goin' down
My mother had an abortion for the wrong child
With the time I felt love, that's gone now
Been replaced by purple rains and some storm clouds
Misery love misery
So why make friends? Let's make some enemies
And now I got a habit that wasn't meant for me
Now I'm in a marriage that wasn't meant to be
One more reason to change identity
The cars, the crime, K's, penalties"

Damn this verse is FIRE

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Maestro Knows EP:2 (berlin)

Bump that PAC DIV joint!!! SON!! <<< insert Lupe's voice were the arrows be @. I'm out for NOW!! Peace

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Broken Headphones: QuESt


So I was Up, listening to The Roots while I work on something on Illustrator and I was checking my fav. blogs since I couldn't sleep. I came across this mixtape/ album? on 2dopeboyz.com and I never herd of him. I've seen them post some of his stuff on the site but never investigated any further. But I wish I did. I think this dude is sick. On track 5 and Haven't even thought about changing it. Keep in mind people don't like everything. So I'f you listen to it keep and open mind. Cuz on the site there's a few douche bad haters. Saying it sucks. I don't agree but that's me. CHECK IT OUT

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PAGE.15 Untitled

Please wake me when I'm free
I cannot bear captivity
Where my culture I'm told holds no significance
I'll wither and die in ignorance
But my inner eye can c a race
Who reigned as kings in another place
the green of trees were rich and full
and every man spoke of beautiful
men and women together as equals
war was gone because all was peaceful
but not like a nightmare I wake 2 c
That I live like a prisoner of proverty
Please wake me when I'm free
I cannot bear captivity
4 I would rather be stricken blind
than 2 live without expression of mind

by. Tupac Shakur

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MK:season 2, E.1 [Bread/Butter]

MK, another dope Video man. Love the poster!! who is that!! sidebar investigate latter. I got a dope poster I wanna put up but my mom will get mad!! the life of a semi obedient son who lives under the Parents Rules. lol It's all good. It's in a poster/ups/can made of cardboard container thing, So I'm safe. Just put it up later!!

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KWELI interview!!

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Go LA!! yea SON!

my mind looks like this inside. especially when I can't sleep. just reach for the laptop then play some tunes put my earphones on of course!!! Stupid Loud music ban after 10pm. Wish I had a Cone of silence, like in get smart.

Word of the day is...........Didactic. ex. "I hate when people try to argue there point of view in a didactic matter."

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LAAAAAND OF The KINGS!!! [video]

U-N-I is dope!!! LA stand up. Keep it up.

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Recently Played?

  • Radiohead
  • The Shins
  • The French Kicks
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • The Killers
  • Lupe Fiasco
  • Pac Div
  • Cold Play
  • The Roots
  • Nas
  • Cold War Kids
  • Bat for Lashes
  • U2
  • MGMT
  • The Office(Love that show)
  • 88-keys

Was a chill day(not the temperature just the mood of the day)....Loving that In Rainbows album, Wish I got it back in 07. Some of my fav. songs have like 4 plays or 1. But that isn't because I don't like it or listen to it, I'm just an impatient listener..NAY I'm just always changing my mind of what I wanna listen to, or the songs almost done so I just change it...BTW is it me or 07 seem sooooo far away. It seems like it was 07 yesturday. Just a thought.

Lately I've been listening to a lot of LUPE THE GENIUS and when I listen to other Hip-hop artist it falls short..LUPE IS MY SECOND NAS!!! aka my boi. That dude who I would listen to none stop, defend to the death(not that far, but it sounds hardcore). I grew up(middle school days) on NAS. And now I'm Growing up on LUPE(Adult life). LUPE your a Genius. You need your own Class like PAC R.I.P.

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Embrace The Martian Live at Royal Oak

Embrace The Martian from Code 2 Ave on Vimeo.

This looks dope!!! I think I need to see CuDi perform live. Those lights were killing!!

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MY Fav. songs that to ME sound epic!!!!

  • Black Republican-Nas Feat. Jay-Z
  • Flashing lights-Kanye West
  • I can-Nas
  • Spaceman-The Killers
  • Get By-Talib Kweli
  • Ballad of Dead Soulja-2Pac
  • White Shadows-Coldplay
  • in my place-Coldplay
  • Viva La Vida(the album)-Coldplay
  • Food & Liquor(the album)-Lupe Fiasco
I was Bored and was looking threw all my CD's and was thinking of my fav. song's that are moving. In what ever way possible. Your body, your soul, your mind etc. These are just a few of my mind shuffling favorites.

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The video is pretty cool, like how simple it is!! G.O.O.D job guys

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Brim:California Grizzly

I'll have one bear on his grind to GO please!!!
pics VIA: strictlyfitted.com


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Welcome to the Friend Zone

Loved the song, Loved the CD, Love the Video, Love 88keys stay up!!!!

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Midnight Window!!!

On my laptop listening to some sick ass raps, 91 DEMO tape by NaS to be exact. I got the window open and the blinds open its a hot one in CALI. Everyone seems to be asleep, all I can hear it that smooth jazzy beats in my Ear Phones The big ones telemundo status. So I'm staring @ the dark night in front of me and I'm thinking is there anyone out there looking? idk I'm super bored and not in the mood to play XBOX. To hot to turn the lights on, we'll for me. It's a random one ya'll. When I'm in a serious Rap listening mood I put on a NEW ERA and zone out NAS style from GOD SON. Talkin to my GIRL(not a wifey just a cool ass person). NEW word I'm milking is ""LIVE"" lol shit just got LIVE son.. lol WATER is king. 4G usb. CAN full of Sharpies.
WATCH OUT FBI IS WATCHING SON lol I always thought that was funny, I know the GOv can see whatever they want. but I'm not one to see eagle eye and say "see told ya" not me. I'm not ignorant but I'm not paranoid either. I'm out..(sly fox in the back dimming)

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How ya like ME now!!!!

issue 131 is out now. kinda late but I can't wait to get this in the mail. I might just go and buy it. not, in this economy I'll save that 4.99 for something else. lol

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A-1 Yola - Top notch cocaine.
AK-13 - Sureno.
AK-14 - Norteno.
Adam One- Popos code for the area of South Side San Jose which has the highest drug rate in the city
All gravity - All good.
All gravy - All good.
Archie Bunker - Bammer weed.

B -------------------------------------------------
B - Town - Berkeley, CA.
Backwood or Wood - kind of cigar used in blunt-making
Ballin' - Short for balling. i.e. Boss Baller.
Bama - Someone who does not know how to dress. For example, someone who wears a red shirt with bust up no name jeans
Bammer - Bad, Phony. Made infamous by RBL's classic "Don't Give Me No Bammer Weed."
Bangin' - Top notch female.
B.A.N.T. - A bitch that got "Bigg Ass N Titties" (J.E.P.)
Barkin - Telling everybody about what you own.
Batch - A bitch (E-40 and B-Legit)
BD - Baby daddy.
Beezy - A b*tch, female.
Bendas - Girls who will love to bend open there legs for just about anyone.
B.F.O - Brother from Oakland.
B.G. - Bruno Gangstas.
Big Willie - Someone who has a big ego.
Blade - A sucka.
Bleezy - Blunt.
BM - Baby mama.
Bomb - weed
Bop or Bopa - Girl who will have sex with anyone.Bopper - Hoe.
Bootie - Bad, phony. Made infamous by E-40 and the Click.
Bootie Crack Corn - Bad, phony.
Bootsie - Bad, phony. Made infamous by E-40 and the Click.
Boostin Mine - makin me feel good.
Boarderline - A corrner in San Fransico sunnydale
Boss - A hog ass ni**a . About his scratch and quick to check a batch.
Boss Baller - A real big baller
Boss Head - A Bitch dat gives head.
Box Chevy - Mali, Mob (caprice classic).
Bootch - A bitch (E-40 and B-Legit)
Bubble- Any luxury car with tha bubbled out eyes.
Bubbling - Rising up, coming up. Bubbling under.
The Burg - Stands for the city of Pittsburg, home to rappers such as the Mob Figaz, Laze, and Bobby Blake
Bluebird - Refering to something that is hassling or bothering you. It could refer to anything from the police to a nagging girlfriend.
breakin pockets- when a nigga be gettin hella money from hella hoes makin dem broke.
Breezy - Female, broad.
Broccoli - Marajuana, weed.
Burners - A cellular telephone that is being used illegally.
Bushrod - Area of North Oakland.
Buster - Describing a person that is fake or a phony. Someone who does not deserve respect.
Buster Brown - People that hang around when they're not wanted.
Buster Keaton - Describing a person that is fake or a phony. Someone who does not deserve respect.
Butch - Bitch ass ni**a.

C -------------------------------------------------
Cabbage - Money.
Cake - Cocaine.
Candy shop - A place in the projects where they sell drugs or guns.
C-Note - $100 bill
C-side - Central Richmond.
Cavi - Something really nice or good.
Captain Save-A-Hoe - Somebody who will do anything for women. A fool who will buy dinner, diamonds, pearls, clothing, etc because he thinks that he will get some play but always ends up alone.
Chaps - Hating on Nortenos.
Ca$h Flow Ca$tro Valley.
Chassie - Women's body.
Cheddar - Money.
Chevs - Chevys, Caprice, or Impalas
Chewy - Marijuana laced with cocaine.
Chip - A cell phone that is stolen and therefore used to make illegal and free phone calls.
Chong - marijuana laced with crack cocaine.
Choppin' it up - Having a conversation: talking
Chrome - Chrome or gold rims
City of Dope - Oakland, CaliforniaClean - When somethin hella tight.
Co Co county - Contra Costa County
Colliflower - Marijuana.
Collie - Marijuana
Cock-Blockin' - Playa hatin'.
Contact - intoxication by second hand smoke.
Chop Suey- Chinese AK.
Come-up - Jackin' nice things or make money sellin' dope.
Crackin' - A fine female.
Crescents - Crescent Park (in tha Rich).
Crestside - Neighborhood in Vallejo.
Cuddie - Folks from Vallejo's Crestside District.
Cuddie Bang - Pineapple juice, gin, bacardi, lime ,and tanquery.
Cudies - Homies, folks, friends (Mac Mall)
Cup Caking - Spending time with a girl.
Cutie - old school cutlass.
Cuttys - Cutlass Supreme.
Cuzzo - A friend.

D -------------------------------------------------
Da Corns - The Acorn Projects.
Da maro - old and new Camaros.
Da mob - East Oakland residents that put money over b*tches.
Da mobie - An old car that you act crazy in.
Da Rich - Richmond, California.
Dank - Marajuana.
D-Boy- A drug dealer (Spice 1, Young 'D' Boyz)
'dale - Short for Sunnydale, public housing in the southern part of San Francisco.
DC - Daly City.
D-Dub-A - girl that's been around the block way too many times.
D-Game - The dope game.
Dime - Fine ass female, on a scale she's a 10.
Dipped in Butta sauce - Hella fitted, g'd up, creased up from tha feet up.
Dirt - Something bad.
Dirtymeda - Alameda, CA.
Dirty 30's - All 30th streets in West Oakland.
Doce em - Doing donuts.
Dogtown - The beginning of West Oakland.
The Dolph - A street in the Lakeview District of San Francisco where they sell cocain crack weed etc.
Don Jaun - Done deal (E.P.A.).
Dove - A $20 sack.
Dub - A 20 dollar sack of dosia.
Double Rock - Public housing across the street from Candlestick. The biggest concentration of killings in San Francisco in 1994 was at the 254-unit Alice Griffith Housing Development, known as Double Rock. Six occurred near Griffith and Fitzgerald. All of the Double Rock killings are unsolved, though many occurred in front of witnesses.
Dosia - MarijuanaDozier - Marijuana.
Duck - ugly ugly ugly girl.

E -------------------------------------------------
Eastside O - East Oakland.
Elroys - Police.
EMB - East Mateo Ballin'.
EPA - East Palo Alto.
Errrreeeeee - A call in the ghetto
E.S.O - Eastside Oakland, 98th in Brookfield.
Evagreen, da green - wellknown mid part of east san jose wit crazy hoods as meadow fair, flamgain,etc.
The Evil Side - East Side San Jose
E.X,EX,E.C Street - Excelsior District in San Francisco, east of L.V, south of Mission District

F -------------------------------------------------
Faded - gettin drunk.
Fastlane - Ballin' outta control.
Fa' sheezy, Fasheezi - Meaning 'for sure'.
Faulties - A cellular telephone that is being used illegally.
Faulty - Fake.
Fashazel - Same as fasheezy.
Faydah - Marajuana, weed.
Feddie - Money.
Federal - To get respect from others.
Fedex- an individual that delivers quick mail (money).
Fillmoe - Fillmore District in San Francisco, also known as the Western Addition. Home of Rappin' 4-Tay, JT the Bigga Figga and the GLP, San Quinn, Seff the Gaffler, and Dre Dog.
Filthy Moe - Fillmore District in San Francisco. "Major factor fedex" (E40, Fed, 1995).
Flam Artist - Some one who tries to hard to be flammy (flamboyant).
Flamboastin' - Rising up, coming up.
Flammy - Short for flamboyant.
Flashin - Trippin off stupid shit.
Flight to Boston - Getting the head from a tight bezzy.
Flip it - Selling an item/items illegaly on the street.
Flossy - Showing off. Also flossin'
Flooda - Small area in E.P.A.
Flush - have a lot of cash to spend on the ladies.
Federal - Going Federal, going major. Describes making it.
Fogtown - Frisco.
Folded - A fool getting knocked out from behind.
Folkies, Folkers - Friends, homies.
The Folks - Friends, homies.
Fo sheedo - for reals.
Four fittaleeny - 415 San Francisco county.
Frisco - San Francisco.
Funktown - 10th street to the twomps (Oakland).

G -------------------------------------------------Gaskill - Street in North Oakland.
G-Ride - A dope ass car
G-Town - The Gardens in EPA.
Gank, Gankin' - Fake drugs, no good drugs,faking; selling generic drugs
German chocolate cake - A Kilo of A-1 Yola.
Gerpin - Trippin off some perv, or a outty ass sitchiation.
the Gateway - nickname for Daly City (gateway to the peninsula).
Ghostown - Heartless area in West Oakland.
Gold feet - Chrome or gold rims
Gold ones - Gold teeth.
Gravy - good.
Grill - Gold teeth.
Grimmy - Crack laced joint.
Grinding - Selling drugs of any kind on the street.
Grip - Money.

H -------------------------------------------------
Half-zip - Half ounce.
Harbor Road - Main street through Hunter's Point projects.
Hay - Bammer weed.
Hayward - Haystack.
Hella - A lot
Heen - Hennesy.
Hemele - what we smoke on (SCO)
Henny - Hennesy
Highland - Projects on Highland St. off of Mission St.
High Sidin' - Looking past people. Ex., "Mobbin' pasy ya block high sidin'." (E.P.A.)
Hillside - Neighborhood in Vallejo. Home of E40 and the Click.
Hoe cake -Sucka, someone who does not have respect(E-40).
Hog - All about his money. Don't share with anyone but friends.
Hoo rider mark - a sucka, a bammer, "Ni**a you a hoo rider mark" : from HIEROGLYPHICS.
HP - Short for Hunter's Point. Home of Herm Lewis, 11/5, U.D.I.
Hubba - Crack cocaine.
Hubba Roc - Means a mark ass ni**a or a punk roc!
Hutch - Female.
Hurt - Ugly ass female/ni**a.
Hyphe - Hyper and Fly.

I -------------------------------------------------
Ice Cream Man - Crack dealer. See the Luniz's video "Playa Hata" with the Ice Cream truck. Also listen to Master P.
Indo - Marijuana.
In a cut or In the cuts - Hella far away. Like "boondocks" or "boonies."

J -------------------------------------------------
Jawmaica - Getting boss head.
janky - Lousy, phony.
Jay Bizzle - Headshotz, skully mouldaz, oral sex.'jects - Something that is cheap. Short for projects
Jeepin' - Creepin' behind someones back.
Jones - House (E.P.A.).
Juicin' - Going out with a women for their money, not for their looks or body.
The Jungle - The Marin City housing projects where Tupac used to live, and home to 5150, and some fucked up Sheriffs.

K -------------------------------------------------
Keyed - High on marijuana or other drugs.
Kill - Bomb Ass Weed.
Kill-A-Hoe - Roughly describing the groups and sound of Hunter's Point groups 11/5, U.D.I., RBL, etc.
Killah - Alemany projects, San Francisco.
Killa Sharks- The people of San Jose
Killin' Fields - East Oakland is sometines refered to as the Killin' Fields because of the many random killings.
Krypt - Crack cocaine.

L -------------------------------------------------
Lex-luther- Lexus (car)
Lexi - Lexus.
Lightweight - As in "that shit is lightweight clean"...meaning like almost/kindof...or, "..ya i got lighweight faded off that." Or in a single word response, "...were u busy today?" "lightweight."

Like Whaaaaat!!!! - The call of Oakland.
Los Negros - Greeting.
Lower Bottoms - Area in West Oakland Past Acorn projects.
Low Low - Lowrider
LV - Short for the Lakeview area of San Francisco. Home of groups U.N.L.V. and Young Cellski.

M -------------------------------------------------
Mack-Murderer - Same as playa hater.
Macramento - Sacramento.
Mail - Money
Marinating - Chillin'
Mark - Sucka.
Mary Jane - Weed smoke.
Mashin' - Moving/driving quickly.
Mid Town - A set in E.P.A. (E.P.A.).
Miko - Mexicans.
Mini Boppa - A young girl who will have sex with anyone.
Mishone - MISSION DISTRICT. Home of the Nortenos.
MMC - Mateo Mobster Crew
M.O.B. Money Over Bitches (Oakland).
Mob Heata - A bangin' ass thugged out beat
Moe - Short for the Fillmore.
M.O.H.-Mob of Hamos a samoan blood gang. Hamo means samoan.
Mop - Beat some fool down (Fillmoe).
Mouthpiece - The ability to speak a good game for whatever you need done.Murda Dubs - East Oakland 20's (Dubs)
Murph - To choke a ni**a out. Ex: "That ni**a got murphed out!!"
My Nezzy - my nig - my nay-wear.

N -------------------------------------------------
Nade - Blunt laced with crack cocaine.
Narf or tha Nolia - North Richmond.
Nathan - Nothing.
New Frontier - How to ask your pahtnah to front you a eigth over the phone.
Nickle & Dime - 15th street in tha Rich.
Nickel Shot - A five story public housing building in the Fillmore of San Francisco. Destroyed in the 1990s.
Nina - 9mm pistol.
Nilla - My ni**a
Nizzle - Ni**a
Nortenos - Gangbangers from Northern Cali ("Norte").
North Pole - North Oakland.
Notch - Good looking; top of the line; on a scale from 1 to 10, is a 10

O -------------------------------------------------
o.a.k. - Oakland.
Oakdale - projects in Hunters Point. Home of Cold World Hustlers, Dush Tray, and U.D.I.
Oaktown - Oakland.
OB - Over Bitches/Only Bosses.
O.C - "Outta Control" public housing projects in the Fillmore of San Francisco. Recently destroyed.
OH BOY! - It's crackin'.
On one - drunk / high (E.P.A.).
Off the Heezy - "Off the hook" something crazy.
Out the Frame - Unbelievable/crazy
Out the pockets - Getting out of hand.
Outta bounds - on the wrong side, in an unwanted, or uncomfortable area.

P -------------------------------------------------
Piece - A tight ass girl.
Pigeon - Fake, broke ass,layzie ass female.
Pixx - Peace; I'm outta here.
P-ride - Pimp ass car.
Pallay - Party
Paper - Cash, money, mail.
Peanut - Chump.
Perk, Perkulate, Perkulation - the act of getting intoxicated.
PH - Potrero Hill, San Francisco.
Pote - A Newport cigarette.
P-ride - Pimp ass car.
Pillow - fat sack of weed.
Penelopes- Police (E40)
Pervin- Intoxicated. Drunk.
Playa Hater - Somebody who hates a player because he/she has game. Someone who is jealous.Ph'in - The act of playa hating.
The Point - Hunter's Point. Area in the southern part of the City.
Popos - The police.
Postin - Just chillin', waiting.
Product - T and A on a female.
Pullin' Licks - Robbin' somebody.
Pure Puruvian - Quality cocaine.

Q.Z. - Quarter ounce

Remmy - A crack blunt.
R.H.M. - A bitch thats alrite, decent lookin "Regular Happy Meal" pronounced as Rem ex. "That Beezy a quarter RHM in my pockets but she prolly a runna and a rippa a lil master of that scully."
Ridin on candy - Expensive, wet looking paint that is expensive
RIP - A female that gets around.
Ripper or rip-nut - a girl who has sex with anyone.
Robo Thug - E.P.A. Gangstas (Totally Insane) (E.P.A.).
Rodrigo - Marijuana.
Rollin Huneds - 100th street on down , in East Oakland.
Rope - Weed.
Roper - Weed.
Rogue-Dog - Homie,patna(what's up rogue)made in the bay, but frequently used by ni**as in EPA.
Ron Superior - 151 Bacardi.
Runner - Hoe, Trick, Slut, Ripper.
RWC - short for REDWOOD CITY in the Bay Area.

San Francyco - San Francisco
San Fransicos - San Francisco
Sa Hob - People from Vallejo's Hillside District. aka homies and folks.
San Maghetto - San Mateo.
Saucy- something that is clean as hell, tight.
San Ho - San Jose.
Sa Hob- People from Vallejo's Hillside District.
San Lee- Short for San Leandro.
Savage - Crazy as fuck, ruthless.
Sav out - Gettin hyphy, going crazy, being a sav (savage)
"sch" - Adding "sch" to the beginning of a word. Example: 7/11 would be "schemevin eleven." Smoke = "Schmoke." (From San Jo)
Scrapper - Buick with the candy paint ridin dubs.
Scully - A girl that gives lots of oral sex.
SFG, SFGs - San Francisco Gangster(s); San Francisco Money.
SFM - San Francisco Mission
Shards - Crystal meth.
Shysti - Shady.
Sick Fitty - 650 the whole San Mateo county.
Sick Side - Southside San Jose.
Sideshow - The act of spinning your car real fast in an intersection (Oakland).Skully Mouldaz - Headshots, headerz, oral sex.
Sco - Short for San Francisco
Scrilla - Money. Cash. Also Scrill. Gotta get my scrill on.
Scratch - Money
Scratch Paper- Money
Scrub - Triflin, layzie ass dude.
Scurvey (sheisty, shadey) - being greedy with your stuff or holding your shit back. To hog on it yourself
Sceolla.- A quater key of crack cocane
Scraps - Hating on surenos.
SFC - San Francisco City or Sucka Free City, depending on what kind of sucka you are.
"She ready" - A girl ready for sex.
Sherm - PCP
Side-bustin' - Getting involved in what doesn't concern you, why you side-bustin'.
Sideways - gone. "I'm outta here ."
Smerkish - When someone f-ed up. "Man He Being Hella Smerkish!"
Skirby - Actin scared.
Smashin' - Having Sex. Driving Fast.
Smebben - Mobbin'.
Smell me - To understand.
S.O.S.-Sons of Samoa a crip gang.
Souf City and Souf Sucka Free - South San Francisco.
Spacer - A girl who open her legs for any ni**a.
Speez-at(Speez-aught )- House, place.
Spittin' - Mackin on a honey.
Sprinkle- Tellin facts
Square - Punk ass ni**a.
Square Beezy - B*tch that aint got sh*t, doesnt got there game together
S.S.R. -Souf Syde Richmond.
Stacking - Making money.
Stunna - A tight ass girl.
Stunnas - Glasses (Mac Dre)
Sticky Gooey - Super chronic marijuana.
Super-sidin'- Crossin' yo ni**az for a bitch.
Su Side - South Vallejo.
The Stick - Candlestick, in San Francisco, home of the SF 49ers and Giants.
Swamps - Slang for the Sunnydale projects in the southern part of San Francisco.
Swolls - To be buff.
Sucka Free - Meaning San Francisco. Free from all you suckas.
Surenos - Surenos, Sur, Southerners, or the number 13 which stands for "M" referring to the Mexican Mafia.
Swangin it - Hittin dougnuts.
Sweet Swishers - Group of fine ass females.
Swiffin - Bullshit, making up stories, bluffing, making up stuff.
Swoop - Picking something up.

T -------------------------------------------------
The 5 - 50th street in East Oakland.
The function - Black Saturdays.The nifty - A 5.0 mustang , seen a lot in Oakland.
The 50 - 5.0 mustang.
The pole - North Oakland.
The point - Hunters Point in San Francisco.
The Rich - Richmond.
The Tank- San Jose, Killafornia
The White House - The daly city police station.
The Town - Oakland.
The Vill - Area in E.P.A.
Thizz (thizzing)- High of the drug extasy (Mac Dre).
Takin Mine - gettin on my nerves. "Ni**a u takin mine."
Take Off - Beat somebody up.
Telly - hotel room.
Temples - Temple 1 or Temple 2 (in tha Rich).
Tenda - Someone who is hella fine.
Thick - Describing a women's body. A female who is more than a notch. Skinny, not fat.
Titan - Big balla
TL - Tenderloin district downtown.
To beat - To have sex.
Towerside - The Geneva Towers in San Francisco.
Transformer - Fake ass ni**a. Homothugs. or Drop Top Car.
Trench Town - San Bruno in the Bay Area.
Trees - weed.
Twamp - 20 dollar sack of weed
Twirk - A girl thats ready for sex.
Twiznamp - a fat pilow gram of bomb.
Twomps - The area in east Oakland from 20th-29th street.

U -------------------------------------------------
Une Town - Union City.
UNLV - Us Nortenos Love Violence.
UNLV - Underground niggaz living violently.
UNLV - Lakeview district, San Francisco.

V -------------------------------------------------
Vega - Garci y Vega is a brand of cigars used to roll marajuana. The West Coast version of Phillies Blunts.
Valley Joe - Vallejo. Home of E-40 and the Click.
VGs - The Valencia Gardens Housing Projects, aka the Valley of the Giant.
The Vil - Housing progects on 69th ave in East Oakland (Villa, 69 Vil)
V-Town - Vallejo. Home of E-40 and the Click, Mac Mall, Mac Dre, and Potna Duece.

W -------------------------------------------------
Walnut - Block in Oakland.
Wassuper - What's goin on? A greeting.
Westbound - from West Oakland.
"What it do" - The call when you want somebody to do a doughnut.
White Girl - cocaine. Ex. "Do u need that white girl?"Weeble - Friend/peer.
Westpoint - A place in Hunter's Point.
Whoride - To act crazy , or clown somebody.
Wolfing - Yelling.
W.S.T. - West Side Tonga.

Y -------------------------------------------------
Yadadamean?!- you know what i mean?! (San Jose)ne Yak- Cognac.
Yak Butter - pu**y,"hit that yak butter." Young Mo
Yayo - The Bay Area.
Yayo Cola - Crack.
Yoc town - Antioch.
Yokin' - Making your rock in the street.
Yola - Coke.
The Yae, Yay Area - The Bay Area

Z -------------------------------------------------
Zeez - Sleeping with a girl.
Zips - Ounces of any drug

Fav. Sentences using these awesome words. Been wanting to do this when my boi showed me this on some douche bags myspace.
" me and my nilla were marinating when we wanted to ride to macramento but we had to murph this mark out like whaaaaaat?? so that shit was don juan. " LGR & JL

" we swooped down to twamps to get some twiznamp when we ran across this transformers who was sidebustin we murphed that nizzle up. " JL & LGR

" we went to b-town to get some of that archie bunker but all they had was that a-1 yola Yadadamean? " LGR & JL

lol Stay up!!! Ima go find me a benda lol or a cutie aka an old school cutlass <<< MY FAV ONE.

Keep your minds open...



I saw Harry Potter @ 12 and I thought it was great. But not as Great as I thought Romilda Vane looked lol. If I was Harry I would of gone with her. The "status" seeking girl. My only complaint is that they didn't show her enough. =]
BTW I have never seen soooo many douche bags @ the theater in my life. From cool guys with beanies on when its 100 degrees, guys that think they have game when they just look like a Tool, grown women playing with Nintendo DS, people overly laughing during the movie, people crying on the sad parts(really??), clapping before the movie is over, and people counting down for the movie to start. It was a bit much. Loved the cool guy in front of me with the johncletas lol.

Keep your minds open...



LOOKING for Idiots!!! FOUND EM

were to look??? I usually find them here

Random but just something I find funny. How there is always someone on there talking crap hating and spewing stupidity. I've been a part of those you suck, no you suck type comments because I like conflict and arguing but the whole stupidity thing is annoying and a shame that people are really that stupid. We should go back to the candle and book days before we become even more illiterate.

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DL Self Law

DL Ice Cream Cola

Dude kinda looks like mclovin but who cares, he got some talent. Art doesn't have a blueprint. who cares if you look "cool" while making lame beats. DL it.

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XBOX Remote Repair*: Attempt


Today I was thinking what I could do to fix my Xbox remote (yea I'm still messing with Xbox) because the right trigger is messed up and annoying. So I decided to try to fix it. Went inside my dads shop and got some tool's and went to work as you can see I even spliced the wire but that's were my Spike Lee GAB doing work ended. I had no clue how to do it to be honest. And when I kinda started figuring it out. the damn wires were toooo small and didn't fit (thats what she said. So I gave up and just threw them across the room and went on with listening to music and looking the my new Complex mag"just beat it". that's how it looked lol.

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FUCK CHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today I was looking at a few websites I like checking out. I was on Hypebeast.com looking post from there site. I was going back to previous post from the days past and I see a Che Hat. Like really? what's next a Hat of Hitler? People like to think He did so many great things For Cuba. Really take a look @ Cuba. Do they look like there thriving? nope. He helped get Fidel Castro into office Threw the revolution. And last time I checked He isn't a great person. Don't get it twisted like just because movie stars who didn't even graduate high school make comments about it like its not that bad its great. Yea its great because they show you what they want you to see, like what china does. Its always easier looking @ a situation from a lighthouse. Che is a Person I never liked obviously because he's a disgrace of a human and the pain that his actions caused to Cubans. But I never understood why people look @ him like an Icon, and such a powerful person. Making T-shirts with his face on it, artist making references to him in there songs like he's great, people getting caught into the whole fake idea that che was someone great. Lets break it down.

Batista, Cuba's previous Leader before Castro was no prize but he had the economy booming and from what I've read it was the highest per capital amongst all Hispanic countries. But The people in cuba weren't to happy with him. The people of Cuba thought the things Castro was saying were good. But when the Ball started rolling and was kinda to stop because he had to many people behind him at this time he flipped the switch. on Feb 1st 1960 he had an interview with some journalist Arminio Savioli from the Communist newspaper L'Unita (from Italy), Castro is asked about his opinion of Cuba's Communist Party. Castro replies: "It is the only Cuban party that has always clearly proclaimed the necessity for radical change of structure, of social relationships.....we continue to work together. Loyally and fraternally." then on May. 8th he disassociates himself from prevailing "Communist ideas." in a huge speech. At this point people who didn't agree with what he was saying couldn't do much people his men were all over making sure you didn't say anything against Cuba's 19th president because you will be executed. My grandfather had to lie and pretend he was behind everything Fidel was saying to protect his Family. Keep in mind that anyone who is a treat to them in anyway they murder on the spot. from bakers who didn't believe in what they were "preaching" to officers.

In March 1962 Food rationing began. In October 3rd of 1964 The new Communist Party of Cuba is inaugurated and on October 10th hundreds oh Cuban's begin to leave the island. Some who had duel Cuban and Spain citizenship went to Spain, other Cuban-Jews went to Israel, and the Rest went to the U.S. Cuba was worse off from when Batista was in office plus there was this false presence of change when Castro started in the Revolution but when he names The Communist Party to be the direction the Country will be heading into. And Who was a part of this whole "revolution" Mr. Douche himself Che. He was the damn Comandante. He reviewed The cases to all the "war criminals" and pretty much killed them all by firing squad. He was a Major part of all the pain The regime of Fidel Castro Caused to millions of Cubans and To try to make it seem like he was a Cuban Leader. He was a Douche bag from Argentina who was a murderer. Look @ people like Jose Marti who was a Cuban National hero. He was a Poet, a writer, and a nationalist leader, also Considered one the great turn-of-the-century Latin American intellectuals. Look at people Like Jose Julian Marti Perez if you want to think of great Cuban Leaders. Don't look at a piece of shit human who isn't even Cuban.

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BLU... we're to begin. This dude is becoming my fav. "freshman" on the XXL cover. He is lyrically the best in that class. And he doesn't get as much shine as others. Wale look @ Blu before you bitch about people not taking your pictures. Blu's music is so calm and soulful. It seriously touches souls and makes you feel good about hip-hop. I kinda wish he would have his own website(I can help =]) or do some stuff to get out there and kinda show people what his music is all about. Because I truly feel that his music is toooo dope for people not to listen to. If your reading this and haven't herd of Blu yet. Let me introduce you to a great MC with a lot to offer to music and your ears. Blu is simple amazing and a great artist. Buy Below the Heavens, Johnson & Johnson, and there's some other Ep's on iTunes that you can buy I haven't got them yet, but I will. Check out some of my favorites.



Just another day

City of Los Angeles "LA LA"

No Greater Love

Dancing in the Rain

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Welcome back to the great state of Michigan for this year’s Final Four! In honor of the occasion let’s take a look back at the squad from Michigan that changed the face of college basketball, altered our view of “cool” and, arguably, paved the way for the SLAM generation (sorry, AI). Juwan, Chris, Jalen, Ray, and Jimmy, this one’s for you. While some disappointed on the pro level and Juwan is the only one still in playing in the Association, we’ll never forget all of your contributions. Thanks for making us possible…SLAM #51. —Tzvi Twersky

by Alan Paul

“The Fab Five was once in a lifetime! What they achieved will never, ever happen again.”

The familiar voice of Dick Vitale’s booms through the phone line, scratchy and emphatic. He may be a bit less frenzied off the air, but Vitale can’t contain his excitement when the subject turns to the Fab Five, the heralded freshmen who drove Michigan to consecutive title games in ’92 and ’93. “This story deserves special acclaim,” Vitale says. “I can’t tell you how many times I hear coaches say, ‘We can’t win because we have two freshmen in our rotation.’ It’s absolutely accepted wisdom and the Fab Five turned it on its head. I think what they did is absolutely unique in the history of basketball and doesn’t get the play it deserves.”

Vitale’s statement is accurate but stunning nonetheless. How could the Fab Five be underrated when, despite never winning a league or national championship, they still managed to change the face of college ball? The concept would have been unfathomable nine years ago when Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson and Jimmy King were garnering countless headlines and being covered in a manner more MTV than ESPN.

“They were greeted like rock stars,” recalls Rob Pelinka, a role player on those teams and now an agent whose clients include Jazz rookie DeShawn Stevenson. “We sometimes needed police escorts because our bus would be surrounded by people.”

And just like every new sensation from Elvis to Eminem, there was serious debate about whether the Fab Five represented something creative and wonderful or arrogant and destructive. Their brash confidence, in-your-face trash talking and hip-hop fashion sense were both embraced and attacked like no college sports team before or since. The debate continues to this day, especially in Ann Arbor, where the basketball team struggles along under a cloud of impropriety that dates back to the Fabs’ recruitment. But one thing is beyond debate: the Fab Five represented something entirely new, an entire class of blue chip recruits covering every position, each of whom lived up to their top billing.

Power forward Webber was Michigan’s Mr. Basketball and the nation’s top recruit. Howard, a 6-9 center, and the 6-5 shooting guard King were the top players in Illinois and Texas, respectively, and Rose was a 6-8 pg who had led Detroit’s Southwestern High to two state titles. Jackson was the only one of the five who wasn’t a McDonald’s All-American, but the 6-6 Texan was one of the nation’s top small forward prospects. And while serendipity and coach Steve Fisher’s intense leg work certainly played huge roles in landing such an esteemed class, the Fab Five also recruited themselves.

“Juwan is responsible for the whole thing,” says Webber today. “Jalen and I had talked about going to school together since we were 12, but Juwan is the one who got it going. He made us believe that we could create something great together.”

Explains Howard, “I started a chain reaction. Jimmy and I met on our visit and decided to go to Michigan. Then I called Chris, because we had become good friends through the All-Star games, and started working on him. I persuaded him and he got a hold of Jalen, which is exactly what I wanted. I was looking to win a national title or two, instead of just going somewhere and being assured of being the man.”

It didn’t take long for the dreams to come to fruition; all five recall that the chemistry was immediate. “The day we all met, we played a pickup game outside our dorm and it was just there,” says Webber.

Nonetheless, it takes a huge leap for a memorable pickup squad to become NCAA title contenders. Most great college teams result from a slow blending of talents, with experience trumping nearly everything else. The Fab Five turned that formula on its head. Juniors Pelinka, James Voskuil, Michael Talley and Eric Riley were key contributors, but clearly support players to the five freshmen, a seemingly impossible situation deftly managed by Fisher and his staff.

“It takes freshmen a while to grasp the college game,” says Randy Ayers, a current Sixers assistant who was the head man at Ohio State at the time. “A high school star has an adjustment period learning to accept sacrificing for the good of the team. That almost always takes a year or two, but the Fab Five found their niches immediately. Chris, Jalen and Juwan were the go-to guys and the Texas kids were the defenders. And they played off each other beautifully.”

Adds Vitale, “These guys truly enjoyed each other’s company and responded as a unit, with the emphasis on the team rather than individual stats. They were a very unselfish team that blended extremely well.”

And, the players all say, they made each other better on a daily basis, filling one another with their trademark confidence. “As a group, we always felt invincible,” says Webber. “Individually, you always have fear and doubt, but we never did as a team. I felt that together we could accomplish anything.”

While the Fab Five’s critics accused them of showboating—“too much with the French pastry and the hot-dogging!” proclaimed broadcaster Al McGuire—the fact is, they played solid, team-oriented ball. If you watch their games today—easy to do, thanks to ESPN Classic—you’ll see a confident unit playing great help D, running crisp sets and effortlessly improvising whenever necessary.

“We had pretty good game-time execution, which is often overlooked because of some of the players’ flamboyance,” says Jay Smith, then a Michigan assistant, now the coach of Central Michigan University. Indeed, from their very first tip-off, Webber, Rose and King in particular exhibited tremendous flavor to go with their savvy. Webber was a dominant post presence with supple hands and ferocious power. Rose was a cocksure point with maddening lapses but an uncanny knack for coming through in the clutch. And King was a tremendous finisher as well as a deadly three-point shooter and reliable defensive stopper. Howard, meanwhile, was rock solid in the post, making teams pay for collapsing on Webber, and Jackson was a steady hand who often came through with crucial baskets, boards and stops. All five turned in highlight-reel worthy jams on a regular basis.

“There were times when we just played basketball, and it may not have been all that structured, but we often ran the passing game, which is really just fundamental ball: reading each other, setting picks and cutting,” says King, who, like Jackson, is now playing in the IBL. “We were able to do it well because of our knowledge and understanding of the game, and because we practiced it a lot.”

But much of the initial buzz about the Fab Five had little to do with fundamentals—or basketball at all. Gallons of ink were spilled about their flapping shorts, black socks and gleaming bald domes and their constant on-court chatter, as they endlessly jawed at both opponents and each other. If it seems hard to understand why such things would cause a furor, that itself is evidence of the Fab Five’s impact. Watch their games and you’ll see that while the Fab Five’s opponents look dated in their clingy unis, the Michigan youngsters—even now—look contemporary. “They completely changed the fashion of college ball,” says Ayers.

And while some critics blasted Fisher for allowing such freedom, the coach wisely used it as a motivational tool.

“Fish would let us do things like get bigger shorts and wear black socks if we practiced hard,” Webber recalls.He was like, ‘You can wear what you want as long as you work hard, practice right and play smart.’”

The group first came to serious national acclaim in the fifth game of their rookie year, when they took defending champs Duke to overtime before falling 85-81. Most observers considered it a great moral victory, but the Michigan players were incensed they lost a game they could have won. But while the site of Webber and Rose yapping in the faces of Christian Laettner and Bobby Hurley delighted those who found the Dookies arrogant and insufferable, it also ruffled a lot of feathers. Columnists spewed and older Michigan alums stewed. Even refs weren’t beyond getting in on the act, as when Rose got T’d up for smiling.

The Fab Five seemed unbothered by any of it, however, finishing their freshman season 21-8 and ranked 14th in the nation, with a sixth seed in the Big Dance. In a fitting omen, the team ran into Muhammad Ali, the man who invented trash talking, at their Atlanta hotel the night before their first tournament game, against Temple. When The Greatest pulled Howard close and whispered “Shock the world!” in his young ear, The Fab Five had themselves a new rallying cry, which they rode to an Elite Eight battle with Big Ten champion Ohio State. The Jim Jackson-led Buckeyes had beaten Michigan twice already, but things had changed.

“They were a totally different team,” recalls Ayers. “They were physically stronger and they played smarter and with more confidence.”

Different enough to win a thrilling OT game, 75-71, catapulting them to the Final Four, where Nick Van Exel’s Cincinnati squad lay in waiting. After winning a nail-biter, the Fab Five had another date with Duke. Though they seemed unflappable, they came out for introductions lacking their usual fire, with nary a chest bump or holler. But if the rookies were a tad nervous, the reigning kings looked downright spooked. Perennial tourney hero Laettner sleepwalked through the first half, and the Fab Five clawed their way to a one-point lead.

It didn’t last. At the six-minute mark of the second half, the roof caved in and Michigan suddenly couldn’t score or defend. They ended up losing by 20, sending Webber running off the court, his uniform pulled over his sobbing eyes. In the locker room, he and his teammates all pledged to never again feel such crushing disappointment. They were at least sure of one thing: there was always next year.

But the sophomore season wasn’t the same for any of the Fab Five. “The novelty wore off and people no longer seemed to like the confidence and swagger they carried,” says Smith. “It got to the point where you either loved them or hated them.”

And, indeed, many younger fans gave serious love. Though they were widely criticized in the press, baggy shorts, black socks and M logos became as ubiquitous as Nikes on playgrounds and in gyms from coast to coast. And the impact was felt throughout college ball. Opposing coaches began letting their players alter their uniforms, and the Fab Five’s fashion sense already seemed less radical. By the time they faced North Carolina in the ’93 title game, the Tar Heels shorts were even longer than theirs. But that was little consolation to a group of 19-year-olds who felt themselves being tarred and feathered as everything-that’s-wrong-with-sports-and-kids-today.

“It’s a good story to build someone up and it’s a good story to tear them back down,” says King. “I understand that now, but at the time we couldn’t understand how we went from being media darlings to the nation’s bad boys. We didn’t really do anything to warrant that.”

In truth, as sophomores, the Fab Five were sometimes a bit out of control. After a big win at Michigan State, several players pretended they were defecating on the Spartans’ center-court S. And the team talked incessant trash before an early season rematch with Duke, with Webber saying he “wished Laettner would come back from [the NBA] so we can beat him too.” The Cameron Crazies had a field day heckling the team, as Duke pasted them by 11.

Still, the Fab Five righted themselves to go 25-4 and earn a No. 1 seed in the West regional. Now the attacks could really begin. Before the start of the tourney, Bill Walton called the Fab Five “one of the most overrated and underachieving teams of all time…who epitomize a lot of what’s wrong with a lot of basketball players.” It was the most vicious and well-publicized—but certainly not the only—assault on the team.

“We were just playing ball and having fun, and people said, ‘Just play, be quiet and don’t enjoy your wins,” says King. “But we weren’t putting on a show. We were just having fun doing what we love. We weren’t kicking people when they were on the ground like Christian Laettner did. But no matter what happened, teams like Indiana, UNC and Duke got only good press, because their coaches were perceived as being strong and in control, and we got attacked for taking over college basketball because we were perceived as being out of control.”

In the second round, the overrated underachievers pulled off the greatest comeback in Michigan history, coming back from 19 down to beat UCLA in overtime 86-84 on a King putback at the buzzer. After beating George Washington, the only thing standing in the way of a second straight Final Four was Temple, led by Eddie Jones, Aaron McKie and a bunch of less-talented tough guys. Chaney’s big men did everything but gouge out Webber’s and Howard’s eyes. On the verge of defeat, Chaney was finally T’d up for spewing profanities at both Fisher and the refs, had to be restrained by his assistant coaches and finally refused to shake Fisher’s hand—then went to a press conference and blasted the Fab Five for taunting.

“That kind of criticism was really bothersome all year long,” says King. “We just ignored it. In fact, we never even talked about how much less fun the second year was until Chris said it in a Final Four press conference. I remember thinking, ‘So it’s not just me.’”

In the semifinals, Michigan was a seven-point underdog to Jamal Mashburn’s powerful Kentucky team, which had dismantled its tourney opponents by an average of 31 points, thanks to Rick Pitino’s brutal end-to-end pressure. The Fab Five took the Cats into OT, their fourth extra period in eight games, before winning 81-78.It was not only their best-played game in months, but also one of the most memorable Tournament battles in recent years.

Despite all the criticism, pressure and close calls, they’d made it back to their second title game, where they would face UNC. In the first half, the Fab Five were again flat and out of sync, down six at the break. Then Fisher aggressively challenged them in the locker room and Webber lifted the team en route to 23 points, 11 rebounds and three blocks. The team got in trouble when Rose and King lost their shooting touches down the stretch, but Webber seemed fated to be the hero when he grabbed a missed UNC free throw with 20 seconds left and looked upcourt. After getting away with an uncalled traveling violation, he was headed for the history books—for all the wrong reasons.

Carolina led by two. With Rose covered, CWebb headed to the other end of the court, picked up his dribble and panicked. With Pelinka wide open and desperately waving his arms behind the three-point line across court and King staking out position underneath the basket, Webber called timeout. Michigan had none left. A T was whistled, UNC hit the shots and went on to win 77-71.

To a man, the Michigan players will tell you they never considered the possibility of losing that game. So they had to skip doubt and leap right to heartbreak. Again. Before long, Webber would announce he was leaving school for the NBA, and that was that for the Fab Five. They finished their two-year run at 56-14, including two losses in the games that mattered most.

Might Walton have been right? Were they just a bunch of overhyped losers? If you ever ask Vitale that question, be ready to duck.

“It is absolutely absurd for people to criticize the Fab Five as underachievers or failures because they didn’t win a title,” Vitale says. “College ball is not the NBA. It’s one game and there’s a lot of luck involved. Many great teams don’t win titles, but we unfortunately live in a world where if you don’t cut down the nets, you didn’t achieve anything. That’s a ridiculous perspective.”

And no team proved that point more than the Fab Five.

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Wish I saw them play. I wasn't watching to much sports around that time. I was playing them and my dad never really watched sports so I didn't watch games with him.
Great article Slam.

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"We are not Losers, we're Lasers"

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I loved playing this game as a Kid. I always stole lives from Luigi. I knew he would snap one of these days. Wish I still had my Super Nintendo. It was Legit.

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