FUCK CHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today I was looking at a few websites I like checking out. I was on Hypebeast.com looking post from there site. I was going back to previous post from the days past and I see a Che Hat. Like really? what's next a Hat of Hitler? People like to think He did so many great things For Cuba. Really take a look @ Cuba. Do they look like there thriving? nope. He helped get Fidel Castro into office Threw the revolution. And last time I checked He isn't a great person. Don't get it twisted like just because movie stars who didn't even graduate high school make comments about it like its not that bad its great. Yea its great because they show you what they want you to see, like what china does. Its always easier looking @ a situation from a lighthouse. Che is a Person I never liked obviously because he's a disgrace of a human and the pain that his actions caused to Cubans. But I never understood why people look @ him like an Icon, and such a powerful person. Making T-shirts with his face on it, artist making references to him in there songs like he's great, people getting caught into the whole fake idea that che was someone great. Lets break it down.

Batista, Cuba's previous Leader before Castro was no prize but he had the economy booming and from what I've read it was the highest per capital amongst all Hispanic countries. But The people in cuba weren't to happy with him. The people of Cuba thought the things Castro was saying were good. But when the Ball started rolling and was kinda to stop because he had to many people behind him at this time he flipped the switch. on Feb 1st 1960 he had an interview with some journalist Arminio Savioli from the Communist newspaper L'Unita (from Italy), Castro is asked about his opinion of Cuba's Communist Party. Castro replies: "It is the only Cuban party that has always clearly proclaimed the necessity for radical change of structure, of social relationships.....we continue to work together. Loyally and fraternally." then on May. 8th he disassociates himself from prevailing "Communist ideas." in a huge speech. At this point people who didn't agree with what he was saying couldn't do much people his men were all over making sure you didn't say anything against Cuba's 19th president because you will be executed. My grandfather had to lie and pretend he was behind everything Fidel was saying to protect his Family. Keep in mind that anyone who is a treat to them in anyway they murder on the spot. from bakers who didn't believe in what they were "preaching" to officers.

In March 1962 Food rationing began. In October 3rd of 1964 The new Communist Party of Cuba is inaugurated and on October 10th hundreds oh Cuban's begin to leave the island. Some who had duel Cuban and Spain citizenship went to Spain, other Cuban-Jews went to Israel, and the Rest went to the U.S. Cuba was worse off from when Batista was in office plus there was this false presence of change when Castro started in the Revolution but when he names The Communist Party to be the direction the Country will be heading into. And Who was a part of this whole "revolution" Mr. Douche himself Che. He was the damn Comandante. He reviewed The cases to all the "war criminals" and pretty much killed them all by firing squad. He was a Major part of all the pain The regime of Fidel Castro Caused to millions of Cubans and To try to make it seem like he was a Cuban Leader. He was a Douche bag from Argentina who was a murderer. Look @ people like Jose Marti who was a Cuban National hero. He was a Poet, a writer, and a nationalist leader, also Considered one the great turn-of-the-century Latin American intellectuals. Look at people Like Jose Julian Marti Perez if you want to think of great Cuban Leaders. Don't look at a piece of shit human who isn't even Cuban.

Keep your minds open...