Midnight Window!!!

On my laptop listening to some sick ass raps, 91 DEMO tape by NaS to be exact. I got the window open and the blinds open its a hot one in CALI. Everyone seems to be asleep, all I can hear it that smooth jazzy beats in my Ear Phones The big ones telemundo status. So I'm staring @ the dark night in front of me and I'm thinking is there anyone out there looking? idk I'm super bored and not in the mood to play XBOX. To hot to turn the lights on, we'll for me. It's a random one ya'll. When I'm in a serious Rap listening mood I put on a NEW ERA and zone out NAS style from GOD SON. Talkin to my GIRL(not a wifey just a cool ass person). NEW word I'm milking is ""LIVE"" lol shit just got LIVE son.. lol WATER is king. 4G usb. CAN full of Sharpies.
WATCH OUT FBI IS WATCHING SON lol I always thought that was funny, I know the GOv can see whatever they want. but I'm not one to see eagle eye and say "see told ya" not me. I'm not ignorant but I'm not paranoid either. I'm out..(sly fox in the back dimming)

Keep your minds open...