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Was a chill day(not the temperature just the mood of the day)....Loving that In Rainbows album, Wish I got it back in 07. Some of my fav. songs have like 4 plays or 1. But that isn't because I don't like it or listen to it, I'm just an impatient listener..NAY I'm just always changing my mind of what I wanna listen to, or the songs almost done so I just change it...BTW is it me or 07 seem sooooo far away. It seems like it was 07 yesturday. Just a thought.

Lately I've been listening to a lot of LUPE THE GENIUS and when I listen to other Hip-hop artist it falls short..LUPE IS MY SECOND NAS!!! aka my boi. That dude who I would listen to none stop, defend to the death(not that far, but it sounds hardcore). I grew up(middle school days) on NAS. And now I'm Growing up on LUPE(Adult life). LUPE your a Genius. You need your own Class like PAC R.I.P.

Keep your minds open...