Your mind is GREEEAT!

Some people just forget to use it!!! Read something, Learn, Log off twitter. lol
I honestly pulled that one out my ass lol. Guess that happens when all you've had in the past 10 hrs is music!!!referring to drink, sleep, food, etc. Not tired really. Just waiting for XV to drop everybody's nobody. I've waited like a month whats another hour or 2 or 3? no biggie. Been on Klive more. Haven't been on for a while. Great for info, and Filled with some cool people, weather there cool online or lame in real life!! NO One will know but I got faith Ye fans aren't a bunch of tools so I rescind that statement!!!
Damn I need coffee. I'm not a big coffee fan but It would def help. I love bustelo coffee. The strong coffee of the Cuban's and Puerto Rican's !! LOVE YA GRANDPA RIP. =[ also like that ice cold coffee. Starbucks FTW!

Listening to I can't Help it-The Roots
F_ckin love this song.

"I never said I'm ready to die, but I accept it
Never said I'm ready for war, but I'm protected
I don't even know when it's comin', but I expect it
Lost all semblance of hope, so now I'm left with
Nervous conditions, addictions, in addition
to vixens that mixed in with the wrong crowd
My life is on a flight that's goin' down
My mother had an abortion for the wrong child
With the time I felt love, that's gone now
Been replaced by purple rains and some storm clouds
Misery love misery
So why make friends? Let's make some enemies
And now I got a habit that wasn't meant for me
Now I'm in a marriage that wasn't meant to be
One more reason to change identity
The cars, the crime, K's, penalties"

Damn this verse is FIRE

Keep your minds open...