BLU... we're to begin. This dude is becoming my fav. "freshman" on the XXL cover. He is lyrically the best in that class. And he doesn't get as much shine as others. Wale look @ Blu before you bitch about people not taking your pictures. Blu's music is so calm and soulful. It seriously touches souls and makes you feel good about hip-hop. I kinda wish he would have his own website(I can help =]) or do some stuff to get out there and kinda show people what his music is all about. Because I truly feel that his music is toooo dope for people not to listen to. If your reading this and haven't herd of Blu yet. Let me introduce you to a great MC with a lot to offer to music and your ears. Blu is simple amazing and a great artist. Buy Below the Heavens, Johnson & Johnson, and there's some other Ep's on iTunes that you can buy I haven't got them yet, but I will. Check out some of my favorites.



Just another day

City of Los Angeles "LA LA"

No Greater Love

Dancing in the Rain

Keep your minds open...