CHAMPS!!!! smh @ People in LA

First off before I touch on the 15th title the Great Lakers won tonight. I'm gonna say that I think it's so stupid how people think that Rioting, Tagging on buses, light up bomb fires, and trying to intimidate other people in the streets of LA is showing your LAKER pride??? It's just showing your stupidity, and gonna end up messing up the Parade on Wed. SMH people are stupid and the worste thing about it there Hispanic. Gladly not from my neck of the woods. There the dudes down South of San Diego. Other than stupidity LA wins in an all Around effort to win there 15th Title, 4 of the last 10 champions were the lakers. And the west has like 8 of the last 11. Still think the east is better. I was so happy watching my team win it. Love that my Spaniard home boi Gasol won his first ring with the Lakers. And How Ariza showed the Magic what there missing out on. KOBE!!! your the man. Great effort. GO LAKERS!!!!!!!! GREAT SEASON, now go re sign those players front office. Some of my fav. Pictures from tonight's game.

Keep your minds open...