Shepard Fairey.

Creator of the Iconic Obama Poster. Creator of All those Obey stickers you might of seen around everywhere pretty much. You see them all threw out the world. I think he's a Dope artist. Cool Ideas, edgy, pushing limits, how art should be in my opinion. I don't agree with everything his paintings are saying. But I can appreciate the Art. I'm coming from a family who came from Cuba. My Grandparent's left when my mom was 4 years old to give there family a better Life. And I'm not one for trashing the Country that blessed my Family With Right of asylum. Yes our country isn't perfect, we gotta remember were a young nation and were still learning. But thinking the Government is corrupt, this and that, Blah blah blah doesn't help. Everyone complains about whats not right, but none of them have solutions to the problem. Not really referring to Mr.Fairey just in general, because I think some of the stuff he's doing is great, making paintings about love and peace rather than violence is always a plus. But in certain situations WAR is necessary. Remember this Great Country was started with WAR. American Revolutionary war. People forget that, I don't know how though. Our country wasn't created in one big explosion lol (like my slight to the big BANG theory)

Keep your minds open...