SLOW... + SPider + Espresso Emissions

Can't sleep so I'm watching some videos and posting some of my fav. ones. this one made the cut. Vimeo has better videos than youtube. Also it doesn't have the internet Gangsters/ racist/ douche bag/ negative ass whole/ hatter on all the comments. I try to keep my comments Positive if I feel the urge to comment. But your only human and sometimes you just feel like being an ass and making some one feel stupid for there idiotic comment. Or sometimes I just disagree with what there saying and the person doesn't know how to speak so they just spew out insults. So its your duty to be as dumb as them and act 5 and comment something back lol. we've all done it. Some more than others. Now back to the video. love the animation. musics relaxing. I dig it. Enjoy...

music alert:Check out the COLD WAR KIDS...there awesome.

this made the cut as well, So true its all fun and games until someone gets hurts.


Keep your minds open...