Funniest thing I read today....

“When challenged, Wilt could do almost anything he wanted. In 1961 a new star named Walt Bellamy came into the league. Bellamy was 6-foot-10, and was scoring 30 points a game. First time they played against each other, they met at half court. Bellamy said, ‘Hello, Mr. Chamberlain. I’m Walter Bellamy.’ Chamberlain reached for Bellamy’s hand and said, ‘Hello, Walter. You won’t get a shot off in the first half.’ Wilt then blocked Bellamy’s first nine shots. At the start of the second half Wilt said to Bellamy, ‘Okay, Walter. Now you can play.’”

Wilt is the man..Forever will be claimed as a LAKER!! lol
Fathers day on the horizon. Only a Few minutes away. Love you Dad. Your my Yoda. Enjoy your Holiday Tomorrow it goes down with that delicious PR Cuisine.
"Some people recognize Father's day as a Holiday, I dont" ..Christopher(Justin Long) from The Breakup lol

Keep your minds open...