R.I.P. / Grand Central Terminal NYC: Canon 5Dmk2

By. Mike Kobal

The Video had really great music. I enjoyed watching it. Something to just watch and kinda think! About what? Maybe about how shocking and out of no wear Michael Jackson's death was? RIP. Dude was looking weird post Thriller era. But the guy is an Icon and a Legend. He will be missed by many. I know my English teacher would be a little bit sadder today. I remember messing around in the Library with my sister, our friend(i wonder if were still friends? no one knows. you know how it is after you graduate High school. SHIT HAPPENS comes to mind lol) and our Most legit English teacher my school had to offer and my school had some good one's. Like the smart alack type that likes embarrassing incompetent students. those are always great. But this great English teacher would play music before every class. sometimes it would be some amazing Jazz, Some Michael Jackson(PYT), or pretty much what ever he felt like playing. I knew I was gonna love this teacher since the first day of class. "I might not always get one on one time with everyone in the class, so I start each class by shaking everyone's hand. So I can always see how you are" I might of messed up a few lines or so, but he shaked everyone's had to say hi. That's cool just a personal touch that is always a plus with your teachers. Mr.Lewis you are a Legendary Teacher...
this post was going in a lot of directions. I don't want to correct it really because I would have to change the whole thing about my teacher and I'm not really down for that. I'll just say the quick and easy version of the story aka your moms version (LOL) my teacher would play MJ the singer in the library and would kinda goof off and my friend was dancing to the music and mr.Lewis always made fun of her because of it. just a story that had Michael Jackson in it!! pretty Random and lame yes I know. @ least the few if any who read it can enjoy the Video? I hope lol

R.I.P. Michael Jackson
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