Black & White

Tonight I was watching "Singing in the Rain" with Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds and I usually don't like musicals but I guess the influence from my Grandfather Rubbed off.I know it did on my sister, She's been watching these old movies when ever she can. I think the only one I really enjoyed and liked watching it, more than once was Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp. I guess I have another one on my list. I remember being a little kid my sister and I would watch Gone with the wind with my grandpa and our Grandma making fun of it every second, and having him tell her "ya boba,Déjame ver" in a playful voice. He loved em, she hated em. It's funny how that works. But while I was watching it I noticed how classy they all looked. wearing suits and dresses. I know people can't always wear that but It looked cool how everyone had there 3 piece suits and there stacy adams. My Grandfather would always look nice with his penny loafers. To him casual wear was dress slacs and a short sleave dress shirt ar a nice dress shirt and slacs. I never once saw him wear a T-shirt. Typical man from that era, total class. I hope to be like him one day, all suave and G lol. He was a hell of a father and husband. There's not a day that goes buy that I don't miss him. And all these black and white movies and musicals remind me of him so much. I have things that I hold dear to my hear that always keeps me close with him. Right now I'm watching The woman in the window, with Edward G. Robinson. Looks cool so far. Enjoy your morning/ Night. I'm out. RIP S.G.

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