I Love to sleep right. It's my way of not being productive in a relaxing matter and I enjoy it, that and being a smart ass and being argumentative. I might seem like a jerk at times to the untrained eye, but its part of who I am. lol Anyways(nacho libre voice) When I'm "sleeping in" it usually doesn't last long because my inner boss kicks me in the balls and tells me to be productive. He's @ work all day, its a daily struggle to keep my drive on full throttle. My Job These days is to stay sain and find I wanna do for the rest of my life. Try keeping friends close even thought times passing like a Taxi in NY. I guess my attitude towards that is if there real friends we will stay friends if not, life goes on. Every day I'm searching my brain for the filing cabinet titled "Future". Until that time comes I'll be trying to make my own. To the people who read my cool blog that no one follows(lol) I'm back from my hiatus, I'm back on the grid. PEACE!!!

Keep your minds open...