Ticket for one, Tokyo Japan

So ever since I herd Gold Watch by Lupe. I've wanted a Head Porter wallet. Not just for the reason that Lupe thinks there cool, but because I do. I'm looking for a new wallet tired of the one I have its old and all beat up. I was listening to Gold Watch and I searched Head Porter wallet because it sounded cool. I loved the stuff they had, looked real nice.

So here am I thinking, I could find a store in LA since its one of the biggest cities in the US and usually have a lot of the brands. But I search and no there isn't a Head Porter in LA, but Indianapolis and Utah have one. Not trying to bash on them but those places over LA? That was upsetting but when I go to the website and find there isn't the wallet I liked when I checked again later.

So If I want to get the wallet, I would need to get go to Japan. I don't even have a passport. I guess I need to get on that If I want that wallet but I gotta spend money to get a wallet to hold my money, and that's not even counting the price of the wallet. It bugs me that It needs to be that difficult to buy a wallet. I know the Brand is based out of Japan, but come on, expand a bit will ya. This makes me sad.

Keep your minds open...