The Cool vs. The Carter III / Random

After seeing the Grammies and watching my favorite artist Lupe lose on many accounts to Lil Wayne, it got me upset. Not because I hate Lil Wayne and he sucks, I actually like his music, it just doesn't compare to the concepts and lyrical content that Lupe Fiasco Blesses us all with. Well for those who actually listen. Lil Wayne has "swagger" and he's a very hot ticket today he's doing the whole Jay-Z think not writing anything down, and then you have Lupe Fiasco, an artist who says himself that he doesn't think he's very good but is delivering music that has a message and has very interesting concepts and presents himself in a way that depicts Hip-Hop in the correct light. Yea I don't know Wayne and he might be more that what he shows the world but when I see all the people who like his music i just see people who like him because he's popular right now. I respect Lupe because when i see him i don't see the radio popularity tag on him. I see an artist who knows how to make great music. I know this is a very biast article but hey its on my Blog. "Coolest nigga Dumb it down" Lets just say u seek what u want to listen to. and when u know what u like @ least you'll have people backing you for the reason because they respect your music and is similar to other music they like!! so Lupe might not be popular but his fans know whats good, not popular. that's how i feel on the subject!! It seems like people don't say what they feel, like u have to say Wayne when u talk about hip-hop.
IDK I'm done

The Cool - if u wanna hear a great creative album/ with great lyricism and concepts
The Carter III- good over all album, didn't live up to the hype for me!! people made it seem like it was Illmatic/black star/all eyes on me/ ready to die/ midnight marauders/ etc. i liked it but wasn't my favorite CD of the year.

i love music that tell stories, have a message, and have great Lyrics. yea i might like some ignorant shit from time to time, but that's not the staple of my musical Background. To many people today are close minded and aren't deep with the music they listen to. I know people have there own opinion's on whats good but isn't there more music to explore than just music that makes you dance? shouldn't you seek music that inspires you? takes you to another planet? invites to to there life and get to listen to whats in there world? idk I see music as such a powerful medium and it seems like everyone wants to stay on the water paint. Don't u know there's other mediums of art look em up, enjoy it. Dont stay on one emotion life is full of different feelings how can u only listen to music thats about one thing, money, hoes, parties, etc. you cant be happy all the time. i know i wouldnt be able to eat rice all the time. its gets old, the same withe all the songs about the same thing..

keep your minds open!!! remember thats how i feel.. stay up