Im back!!!

OK for the very few people who actually Read my Blog( good looking out Melissa)Ive been M.I.A cuz my computer got a virus and it took awhile for me to fix it!! thanks to Mcafee lol my computer works perfectly again.. I was scared for a moment because I thought I lost all my information but thank God I was able to get all the info back no problem!!
on a Random note the weather out here in California(I'm not gonna go the quintessential thing and type CALI on this on) lmao like I was saying its weird because one day its all gloomy and like 70 then its like 60 one min. then like 80 the next!! maybe its just were im living cuz im close to a Mountain?? idk if thats it but its def. on the weird side, okay enough randomness for the night PEEEEEAAACE!!

songs im feeling/listening @ the moment, some new some not!!

  • Provider- N*E*R*D
  • Bobby James- N*E*R*D
  • Pacific division- Pac Div
  • Boplicity- Miles Davis
  • Lazy Bird- John Coltrane
  • Cool , Relax- Kidz in the Hall feat. Jay Electronica
  • Loser Mind- XV
  • Beautiful Day remx- U-N-I
  • I still Remember-Wiz Khalifa (REP PIT 412 baby) aka Sixburgh
  • Morning wood- 88-KEYS
  • Spilt Needles- The Shins

and LAST but not LEAST I give you

  • Gibberish-RYAN LESLIE!!! this song is amazing!! the beat is crazy

keep your minds open!!! Its the key to change!!!