omg i cant tell u enough how much i love jazz. i grew up listening to it. from my pops playing it all the way from my house to my school in LA as a little kid. its crazy cuz ill hear a song i havent herd sinse i was a little kid and i know whats coming next w/ the sounds of the song its pretty cool though. my dad would play jazz alot @ home when he would make dinner w/ my mom, me and my sister would be chillin in the living room just watcing our parents and listening to jazz. my parents have a big influence in me, w/ my personality and w/ my open mind w/ in reguards of music. im not much of a fan of smooth jazz i like more of the old school jazz if u will. like MONK, coltrane, DAvis, and dizzy. those are my fav jazz artist. but if i hear some new stuff my dads playing on his zune ill jack his file and have it in my lap top lol shhhh he dont know i do that. lol
but yea jazz is dope, if u havent herd much jazz u should check those guys out there dope!! there legends!!! i know a bit random but im listening to some monk right now and alot last night as well!!
LUSH LIFE by john coltrane is just amazing!! smh great music

keep your minds open