Celebrity Infatuations

It first starts off with a cameo in a movie, a glimpse of something awesome, and Beautiful. You find yourself on Google searching for pictures of them. You look for wallpapers to make them your screen saver. You might involuntarily see movies with them in it, at first you think its just a coincidence, but you know its not. You tell your self your not crazy lol for putting so much effort in seeing everything this person's in. We've all done this at one point or another, there's just different degrees in ways we go about it. Some send them letters and let it be known there crazy. Others just think there awesome and don't plan weddings, or speak about them like they speak to them in a daily basis.

Personalities of the person helps in forming a crush. For the most part there usually characteristics and things your attracted to. There Role's they portray are something you find cool and attractive. Because for the most part actors pick there roles on something they feel comfortable playing, so in a sense its a alter ego if you will. You'd like to think they pick roles based on the fact that they could identify with it. It's only natural to think that famous people you like are a reflection of what you find attractive in a companion. Some have outrageous and unrealistic terms of what they think is normal in women. You can't think every women is like Adriana Lima its unrealistic to think that way. Sometimes a Womens beauty is more overwhelming than her physical attributes.

I've had some celeb "crushes" were I thought they were hot and attractive but I've never thought they'd be a cool person to hang out with. That was until I saw Elf, Zooey Deschanel is both attractive and cool. She seems like a interesting person, were you'd have a cool time with. It hit me when I saw 500 days of Summer which I suggested to see onDemand. This is when I noticed that I liked her enough to see movies that normally I wouldn't see but would if she was in it. In comparison to those fans who love Johnny Depp, I'm still a Rookie but I've seen a good amount of movies she's been in, unknowingly of course. Zooey D is awesome. =]

Keep your minds open...