Last 5min of the Day

Have you ever noticed that before you go to sleep and while you lay there in the dark your mind takes you to a mysterious state of mind? Not in a insane asylum type of way but in a way that makes you discover things about yourself you might not know. Or think about things that you really didn't suggest. I've noticed that happening to me a lot before I go to sleep. I find my self thinking of the past a lot, like certain situations. I think about I'f I would of been more outspoken(a little scary, my mouth gets me into a lot of trouble) I could of told my football coach he was a douche who like players kissing his ass. And maybe asked him why he had it in for me? Or more personal things like following my gut and not wasting time on people who I'd forget about.

I find it really revealing, something about your mind going to a time or thought before you fall asleep that is some importance to you is pretty cool. You work or have class all day not really deep thought subjects pass your mind when you have your boss on your ass because you need to get something done. My favorite being taking notes threw the worst lecture in your life, for a class you took only for credits.

I always look forward to the last 5min of my day because its exciting to think were are my thoughts gonna take me tonight. Sounds weird but its like screening for your Dream to come. No one knows were your Dreams gonna take you, for the most part there stories conjured up by ones mind. More time's than not I forget my dream, unless I wake up in the middle of something GOOD. But I always keep my mind open to what ever path it takes me to. We'll not every path, Don't wanna be selling my self in West Hollywood. Don't shy away from your thoughts they could be revealing and interesting.
Have a Great day.

Keep your minds open...


you March 16, 2011 at 3:25 AM  

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