Today My steelers clinched the first round bye and the AFC North division. The steelers traveled to Baltimore Maryland to play the ravens who are led by a Great D(not better the the steel curtain Defense)and are only a game behind so it went down like this.
the steelers played pretty bad on the Offensive side in this one, which was expected due to the good Defense on the field. But the steelers had a Great Defense on the other side of the ball who bailed out there O a few times 3 RedZone attempts but only 9 points instead of 18(yes 18 the PAT arent a given lol). The steelers O drove down the field when it counted they drove the length of the field 92 yards to be exsact and scrored the game winning touchdown being down by 3 Big Ben scarmbled to the left after seeing nothing to the right side of the field but the left side closed real quick, he moved back towards to the middle of the field to find Santonio Holmes open for a TD (NO THE CALL WASNT QUESTIONABLE THE BALL CLEARLY CROSSED THE PLAIN)

GREAT GAME!!! not lets go beat the titans

keep your minds open!!