"Im Ready For LOVE!!"

Im chillin right now in my room listening to some Charles Hamilton!!! his music is so dope!! I listen to him alot his music is real. okay im not ready to love Charles Hamilton cuz that would be fruity pebbles.. its the hook from the butterfly effect song off his staff development mix tape!!! that mix tape is sick!! if you haven't got it go get it STAFF DEVELOPMENT
that song is cool i just zone out to some of his shit @ times!!! i wish i had a talent to express my self creativly!! cuz musicly not for me to make (havent tried but don't think i can make music), i can draw (sometimes, just dont always know how to get me expression out).
I need to figure out what to do yer digg!! cuz listening to music opens my mind up sooooo much its unreal especially listening to 808s , and alot of other peoples music that's creativly off the charts.
hopefully something i find out before im grown and successful and after i get my degree from USC and i go to Cuba and kill fidel castro (yes im cuban) or anyone who's over there fuckin up my beautiful island!! lmao
idk what im sayin really just felt like typing to keep my mind awake!! if that makes sense..
aite so my thanksgiving was cool spent time w/ my fam it was nice!! had some great food (wish my boi JL was there though) . how was yours??? enjoy your fam??
did you see any football?? i didn't see much i saw my Trojans beat on ND. lol
i miss my sidekick LX!!!! is been off for a min. (not literally a min, just a saying that caught on that I'm not sure why, but i use cuz ima slave to trends) lol

Saying's I want to catch on:

-That's Sappo

my list is done!!!
damn i know this made no sense

keep you minds open!!!!

"dont worry fam i got intuition"