ITs over leave IT

N.E.R.D. - Sooner Or Later from Kidd Izzo on Vimeo.

i love this song!!!
love there album
love christmas eve my fam. celebrates it today idk really just how cubans / Puerto ricans do it i guess [correction i found out today asked my dad he said because we celebrate the eve of christmas @ night because thats when jesus was born, now i know ]
GOD BLESS to everyone who reads this, enjoy your christmas or what ever u celebrate
much love stay fresh be humble and greatful for the things u have as always keep your minds open and your shoes lookin fresh lol
stay up!!!
still debating weather i should get a hair cut or not!! my hair is pretty long not it a rocker way but more ina my hair is always short and this is killing me type of thing but im getting used to it and i like hot it looks w/ my hats lol ok off topic wait there isnt one lol
i was suppost to stay up w/ my pops and wait for the lechon to cook but he bailed on me and now i cant sleep so im on blogger typing as i listen to hold it down by black milk that tronic album is ill!!!
aite im out peace