Japanese Cartoon : Crowd Participation


VIA Myspace

Hello there my fellow human beings. Percival Fats here with updates and news! Alright, so lets just get on with it then.

Firstly new music! A new song has been added to the player. This one is entitled “Crowd Participation” and was one of the final songs recorded for “In The Jaws Of The Lords Of Death.” Touches on the power of mass demonstration. Heavy tune. One of my personal favorites.

Second. A website is in the works. ALLSABOTAGE.com should be online in the coming weeks. Its promised to be chocked full of tasty bits and pieces of Japanese Cartoon skullduggery. Stay Tuned.

Thirdly, The music video for “ARMY” is 99.9% complete and is scheduled to debut exclusively at ALLSABOTAGE.com.

Fourthly, the music video for the JC’s 1st single “Heirplanes” is in the late planning stages and guarantees to be quite the engaging cinematic experience.

Fifthly, I have been on a diet of Black Sabbath and Pocky and its everything you never thought it would be.

Sixthly, As promised a limited number of Japanese Cartoon T-shirts have been put to the presses and shall be available shortly. The t-shirts were done in collaboration with Boss Lupe’s (JC member by default and public pressure) clothing company Trilly & Truly. A plethora of etceteras are in the works for the future betwixt the two. A visual example is in order if I may be so obliging:

"No Shackle, No Sugar. All Sabotage."
keep your minds open!!!