KOBE vs. "the king"

Okay let me start off by saying I'm not a hater, I really like Lebron just not over Kobe. So I've been reading a lot of articles on ESPN regarding how Lebron is the clear cut MVP. They use stat's in saying he's the MVP, yea king crab is putting up some big numbers. Kobe is having a good season, shooting we'll coming up big with big shots @ ends of games, as well is Lebron. But how come when come isn't putting up big numbers they use stats as a bar to measure the MVP candidates, but when he is they use the whole make your team better and have a good record? It just doesn't make any sense to me. It's a bit annoying to be honest because since Kobe isn't built like a tank like LEBRON he sucks now? its how people make it seem like kobe's good but not Lebron good!! lol like come on...don't you think the dude should win a Ring before you say he's the greatest and the KING, the Chosen one , or what ever fluff you like to call him. Don't get me wrong he's a great player but damn he hasn't even won a ring yet!! what if he turns out to be like Garnet's wack ass and doesn't win shit. until his 35th year in the league? yea he's good. But the people there putting him with is like NBA great.. because they won Championships not just a good player who hasn't won shit. Im getting off topic a bit but you get what im saying. like people need to chill with the whole Lebron being the best..I know some one retard from ESPN is gonna compare to Lebron to MJ, according to them KOBE shouldn't even be in the mix.. smh just a RANT cuz my God ESPN is stupid and so biased they forget there not talking with there Boys @ the barber shop.. What ever.. wooo saww. lol the funny thing is i like Lebron but damn he is being sucked off beyond believe..im out and full of that haterade lol LONG LIVE THE KING!!

keep your mind open I know mine isn't right now lol...excuse me if the grammar is all off