MOS DEF- a fan of DOOM!!

damn this video got me to actually look into DOOM's music.. ima B real, when I first herd of him I was interested in checking him out but then I saw him w/ that mask...that shit was fucking weird to me. I wasn't keeping my mind open on that one more like closed the F shut, lol. But then I realized that if he's just different and maybe on the Crrrazy side but if his music dope I def. can't deny it. and I herd MM...Food online...smh omg that Album was RAW!!! crazy. I'm def. gonna buy it. So im hooked like a trout on lake cachuma(inside info, that's were I would go camping/fishing with the fam)
It's nice to see an artist all excited about another artist like all of us get when we really like an artist.. pretty cool sight. MOS you the man..

keep your minds open no matter how weird the sight might be...