In a day when the Celtics lose you would think it would be a good day. Nope My throat is still hurting. I have a huge head ache. The Laker's Lost. NO fouls were being called. we played like shit. The media is now done with there MVP campaign for "the king". The media is making me hate LeBron. I don't care about your stats you still haven't won shit. So the media should chill out a bit. I don't care its not hate, its called being annoyed with every single gay sports writer shoving him into people's faces. He's good but Damn he hasn't done shit yet. Imagine if he wins a title, Fuck move over MJ. no damn woooo saaa today. I don't care what people say I'd rather watch Wade and kobe play. I can't believe the best thing in sport was that the Celtics lost. I wish I could be happy for LeBron but when nash has 2. the award has no meaning. and WEST have none. The dude is on the damn NBA logo. Finals MVP is what you look for.. West got one, on the losing team @ that...I know you can't blame him for all the D-riding but I don't care I'm a Laker fan. Ima roll out with #24 the dude with the 3 rings. LA forever. LAKESHOW Game 2. WED. LET's go.

I tried to stop the rants but I needed one. OH AND who came up with the whole "KING JAMES" shit??? BTW CALL ME Emperor Gabriel. The Titan Blogger. The Ruler of all things dope. THE Epicenter of the Blogosphere. I do what I want... smh off to bed. Lets go Hawks

Keep your minds open...