Crazy Bus People. . .

So today I woke up in desperate need of a hair cut I had a Dragon ball Z type hair just with out all the karate. So I left my house around 9:30 am (wanted to get an early start on the day)and walked down the street to the bus stop(yup I don't drive, sad isn't it, But I got drive on the inside =])got some change for the day pass because it's cheaper. ($1.50 per bus ticket, and $3.50 for the day pass. can't beat that). I'm ready to get on the bus but I haven't taken the bus in a long time so I ask the dude next to me if he knew which bus took me to this & that street. He didn't know right off the bat, so I assumed he was just gonna say naw, I'm sorry I don't know. We'll that's what I would of done, so he takes out the whole bus schedule thing to show me what bus routs go where. But the only thing was he couldn't see and he didn't know what he was talking about, so good thing I was paying attention and saw the correct rout to take. he was pointing in the total wrong Direction. I thanked him for helping me out, No biggie. Talked to much for my taste while I'm on the bus but was helpful in his own way. Then I get the Trans Center where I need to catch another bus. While waiting I came across a person who was talking to himself and was strangely looking at his watch and pointing like KG but in a crazy way not a douche way(Couldn't find that picture =[). It was very strange. I felt the urge to be a paparazzi and take a picture all stealth like the Ninja I am. See

lol... this was funny because of the way he was acting, wish I could of got a picture of him pointing @ his watch. After I was done with my hair cut(that took forever for me to get because of staff quitting/ getting tangled up in issues with the law, so they were under staffed. 3 barbers and like 20 something guys). When I left the Barber shop It got straight up awkward.
This Lady was bawling uncontrollable type crying. It was weird. I didn't want to get involved, I was gonna ask her If she was Okay but that idea came and went once I herd her crying all loud.
other than that crazy ass bus Experience it was a cool day. AND WOOOOOW THAT LEBRON SHOT!!!! wow.

Keep your minds open...


Jimmy De La Cruz May 23, 2009 at 11:50 AM  

hhahaha dat shiit is funny, you never know what you gonna see on the bus, and I feel like a papparazzi sometimes when I be taking pictures like crazy of people's outfits.

Reyes24 May 24, 2009 at 3:11 AM  

yea man seriously its a crazy world out there, and I guess a lot of them don't have cars. yea its a weird feeling, cuz you don't wanna get caught but you still want that picture lol thanks for the comment man