Ferdinand Lewis 'Lew' Alcindor. . . SKY Hook for one please

No clue why I posted this, its late Not very tired just can't sleep. went on youtube searched penny hardaway, then kemp, then some kobe stuff(how people hate on those comments), then on the related videos there was a video on kereem and I had to click it, it was horrible quality then I found these vids. A great look @ a Legendary basketball player. Shows how you can be a superstar with class. A lot of players are missing that in today's game, and more than half aren't even superstars. Just a dude with "swagg". I'd pick class over "swagg" any day, if that classy player had a mean sky hook. Wish I was alive to watch Kereem play as a buck & a laker. Born in 89 so I didn't see much of kereem or magic, shit I didn't even see Jordan or penny or any of those great players. I missed out on a lot, I got the 2000's nba which is dope but I'm an old school KID at heart. The 90's would be a great time for me to be a teen.
we'll enjoy the vids. ima try to knock out.. PEACE!!

Keep your minds open...