Kob vs Melo . . . Game 2

Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE/Getty Images

wow watching Kobe and Melo Go @ each other is truly a treat for a fan of sports. Game 2 was another great game just the Lake show couldn't pull it out =[. Credit to the Nuggets. After I let my body temperature chill after we lost. I really got a chance to look back and actually enjoy the game, with out all the nail biting. I'm looking forward to watching game 3 and the other games to come. I just hope the Lakers are on top @ the end of the series. But this MELO vs. KOBE match up is pretty fun to watch.

there's a great article on ESPN about melo and Kob, pretty legit. Never though I'd say that cuz most of the time I can't stand there stupid writers except J.A. Adande

I'm trying to chill out my temper and not use my blog as a Rant machine, all the time. lol Just gonna let this game pass, why get to mad still a lot more basketball to play. I know we can play better D. Bring on GAME 3. Don't let the Picture Deceive you, Black mamba will kill you.

Keep your minds open...