Dumb Dealers. . .

Some things you just don't do if your trying to sell drugs. So in movies drug dealers always get caught when they get to sloppy and start buying all these expensive things all @ once. When in reality if you chillin @ your mom's place 24/7 how can you afford anything. Or there just plan dumb. Which in my opinion I'd rather get caught being greedy not STUPID. We'll this Dumb dealer I see everyday is pretty stupid. Let's see you know when you go to a Restaurant and you see someone tipping the manager or whoever there trying to bribe to get that good table, that slick handshake with money in the hand, that's not so slick. We'll this is how this retard conducts his business. And he should really talk to the people that come buy there crack, because when you get out your car and are all like " oh is there something in the trunk of my car, oh hey whats up man(shaking hands one hand with money the other with the drugs)okay we'll ima be heading out" Yes I know how stupid right. oh wait there's more car's coming in @ all hours of the night, I mean all hours from 4 in the morning type stuff. It's funny how stupid its all being run. the worst Fail in the world is when your trying to do something illegal and do it like a douche. DOUBLE JEOPARDY(lol...inside joke I know what it really means) he's a drug dealer who does it like a douche...EPIC FAIL my friend, you suck @ life. Good thing your mom don't live on a main street because you would be in jail already, and with the cop station right up the street isn't a good idea. If the cops weren't such irresponsible with situations like this I'd call and be like right here son, he selling Drugs in the most obvious way possible. And I'm not a snitch but damn you deserve to get caught when your that stupid. And I don't hate the cops they just suck at trying to be undisclosed on snitch situations. They come knock on your door and are all like "so the guy is across the street?" I'm not down for that lol

keep your minds open...


Melissa April 17, 2009 at 12:09 PM  

This guy is going to get caught and I just hope it's me.
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Reyes24 April 17, 2009 at 3:40 PM  

lol thanks for the comment, and I do hope he gets caught soon. It's annoying how douche bags go get drugs @ 3 in the morning all conspicuous. Get bent dumb dealer. lol