Can't we all get along...?

Two great players on the hardwood at the same time, both in two different stages of there carriers. One in his Prime and ready to become even more of a Legend. The other a young player with so much potential to become one of the greats. But for some reason People always find a way to hate one of them. We should all enjoy watching them play. Two players with the talent like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James don't come around at the same time, the last time was with magic and Bird. Kobe and Lebron are a great thing for the NBA they should embrace it. Instead of trying to push the other one under the rug, and keep claiming he's done. Embrace it as the new version of Bird and Magic. I really don't think the Sports writers back then tried to pick who's better and make it seem like the other is a scrub. I was talking with my cousin about this. And I was telling him for a while during there winning streak during the regular season, when the sports writers love fest for Lebron was kicking off. I really couldn't stand it. as you can see on this POST I did. It wasn't anything serious just upset at the time because of stupid articles lol. But we were saying that There to good to hate any of them. Lebron is a Freak, and is one of my favorite players to watch. Basketball fans every were are lucky, we get to see Kobe/ Lebron/ Wade/ D-Howard/ Chris Paul/ and who ever else you guys wanna add. these are my favorite and are probably gonna be in hall of fame. So we should just all enjoy them balling instead of hating on Someone because they don't invite you to a party or whatever. Get over it, your a sports writer. no one reads your shit, people just watch ESPN. ESPN is great because when you start hearing bull shit you just change the channel. lol
LETS go LEBRON keep kicking ass
KOBE your the man...

Keep your minds open...