Theories of fake ass "epic" history...NBA edition

Do you think some teams manufacture stories and make it seem more dramatic so there's stuff to talk about?? I think so. One team in general is leading the race of BS stories. And yea it doesn't help I hate the Boston Celtics, but I honestly think that they do stuff like this, we all remember Paul Pierce's fake ass injury(think wheel chair).Yes KG is hurt but not as bad as everyone say's. when they beat the bulls and play the magic or who ever KG is gonna come back. And then everyone is gonna say he's a warrior he was gonna be out the whole playoffs, what a beast, etc. You know the whole 9 of Riding by ESPN. Yes It might be far fetch, even impossible to tell what's gonna happen with that whole sapo activity.We all Remember the whole fake injury thing in the finals. I guess sapo players need to manufacture a "hero" moment, which was pretty lame imo. Paul Pierce turn over your LA card sucka, its been revoked. I really think something like that's gonna happen w/ KG because come one there not just gonna let the Cavs run away with the east and meet LA in the finals. Remember when its regarding the Celtics, anything on the line of sapo and borderline cheating is possible. YES I DO HATE THE CELTICS lol



keep your minds open...