SneakerPlay STATUS/ Jordan V history

lol as you can see my Shoe "Battles" are going pretty bad. It's like i'm Mexico and everyone else is all the people who invaded them, take your pick. lol all jokes aside. This Site is dope. I love it. Haven't been on it for a while but I was on it today. I need to step my shoe game up. I like all the shoes I have but I'd be straight If I had me a pair of JAY's # 5. my favorite ...ahhh what a shoe.

"inspired by the P-13 mustang fighter plane and equipped with an ahead-of-its-time reflective 3M tongue and clear outsole. 1990's Air Jordan V was one of Tinker Hatfield's unquestioned masterpieces. That fact that it was worn by Michael Jordan didn't hurt, either."

Thanks KICKs mag. lol
MR. Hatfield you are the man..


Keep your minds open...