Tech Corner

"What's up, everyone? it's about 8:40 p.m. here in Athens and I just got home from practice Olympiakos. We go early and we stay late! I'm feeling pretty good. I've been rehabbing from my abdominal tear and now im tying to get back on the court as soon as I can. The coaches want to bring me back slowly to make sure I'm healthy, bur I want to play in the Euroleague games. It's getting to the crunch time of the season for us. We're in the top eight in the Euroleague now, and we're in first place in the Greek league.

After having my surgery in the states and starting my rehab there for a weeks, I got back to Greece a month ago, and it feels good to be back, man. We have the opportunity to win both the domestic and European championships and that's big. I was talking to people here about it and they said if we win, the whole city will be red with our colors, and that they'll shit the streets down. They said it would be "unlike anything" I've ever seen.

Before I headed back over here, the people as Skullcandy sent me a couple of products to check out. One thing I've loved is this iPod speaker called Pipe. It's pretty small, but man, that thing bumps. It's got a nice sound,a really nice sound. I loved it. I also tried out Skullcandy's new MacGyver watch, which has one gig of memory and an MP3 player built in. It's a really cool concept, but it's kind of strange to be able to walk around and listen to music on your watch. I like it, I like how convenient it is. But it takes some getting used to-when you walk your arms aren't always still. But it's really coool.

I'm still debating what to do when the season ends. I might stay out here for a while, or might go back to Cali and take some classes. I'll figure that out in the next few weeks.."

keep your minds open...