I CANT SLEEeeep!!!

idk what it is but since I'm not doing much during the week besides picking up my little brother, blogging, using Illustrator like all day, going on AIM, watching the F word on BBC, or doing other useless activities that pretty much wont help me in the future, I forget to sleep especially since I have to convert all the office video's into m peg 4 since there all in avi....avi will be death of me. Not really just being retarded but yea I've I'm doing something @ night and I'm not super tired I wont fall asleep which is pretty weird. Like tonight I was watching the office episodes on my laptop.. after that was done I checked a few blogs then I saw the time and it was like 4:50 and I'm not gonna go to sleep now because idk If I'll be able to wake up in time to pick up my brother, so I decided to pull an all niter for the nothingness I'm doing.
So I went to my music and put on some Tribe, I've been listening to them a lot. I think the reason is because I was in my mom's stomach when they started and I wasn't really exposed to them, until I decided to look em up and listen to there music like a few month's ago. I went to amazon.com and previewed the low end theory. That was pretty much the greatest shit I've ever herd. I seriously was like were have you been my whole life. I herd people talk about A Tribe Called Quest but I thought there best song was I Left My Wallet In El Segundo, which isn't my fav. tribe song now so back then when I was uninformed about the legendary group I thought that was there best song and since I didn't like it I wasn't interested. If only I did like it I would of been listening to them since High School smh. . . . . the heavy eye lid's are kicking in lol I guess I am tired what a B*%#$ that it took forever to kick in, like wtf @ 5:20? lol ahhh how dumb this cycle is gonna be hard to break. . .

that's what I don't need ^^^^^ coffee
keep your minds open and your eyelids closed. . .